The Boys are Back in Town!

By Feb 8, 2010Feature Films
20100208_gbbgatswim2birds tells us Brendan Gleeson is rounding up all of the Irish actors he knows for the start of production for his film version of Flann O’Brien’s comedic masterpiece At Swim-Two-Birds.

This month Irish actor Brendan Gleeson is bringing Ireland’s leading men together to make the film version of Flann O’Brien’s masterpiece At Swim-Two-Birds. The dream cast will include Gabriel Byrne, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Cillian Murphy and Colin Farrell.


Gleeson knows that each of these world famous Irish actors have genuine comic gifts (and Gleeson’s no shrinking violet himself) so expect something completely out of the ordinary. The film is currently in production in Ireland.

Read the rest of the (short) article.

Anyone up for a trip to Ireland now!?


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