Status: In Development

Release Date: 2018

Directed by Carlo Hintermann; written by Carlo Hintermann and Marco Saura; executive-produced by Terrence Malick

Cast: Gabriel Byrne, Carice van Houten

Synopsis from Variety

Gabriel Byrne and Carice van Houten (“Game of Thrones”) are attached to star in “The Book of Vision,” a time-shifting fantasy/mystery centered around the history of the doctor/patient relationship that Italian helmer Carlo Hintermann will direct and Terrence Malick will executive produce.Van Houten, who plays Melisandre in “Thrones,” will play Eva, an Italian doctor who decides to go study history of medicine at the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Md. There she discovers the information about an 18th century doctor in the Southern German city of Halle, which was then in the Prussian empire. Byrne will play the Prussian doctor, and will also play Eva’s doctor in the present day. The screenplay is by Hintermann and Marco Saura. The film will be in English.

“The narrative structure of the film is somewhat similar to ‘Cloud Atlas’: some characters from the past also reverberate in the present, and are played by the same actors,” said Hintermann…

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Carice van Houten and Gabriel Byrne


  1. Verónica

    It seems will be a very interesting movie and Gabriel will play, again, a Doctor in two different times.

    Well we`ll have to wait “a little” to know more about.

    Much “merd” to our Gabriel !!!!

  2. It has been a bit quiet about this movie.
    I hope it will be made. I think the story is very special and interesting.

    • I added The Book of Vision to Gabriel’s Projects because someone associated with the film mentioned on Twitter that it should begin production in 2017. But that is all they could say.

      So I think this film is in the works! :-)

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