Mad To Be Normal

Trailer Status: Complete Release Date: UK Release April 6, 2017 World Premiere at Glasgow Film Festival February 26, 2017 More information about the premiere at the festival website Written and directed by Robert Mullan Cast: David Tennant, Elisabeth Moss, Gabriel Byrne, Michael Gambon, and David Bamber Synopsis Mad To Be […]

Lies We Tell

Status: Post-Production Release Date: 2017 Reported to premiere at Cannes Film Festival, May 17 – 28, 2017 Directed by Mitu Misra; written by Ewen Glass Cast: Gabriel Byrne, Sibylla Dean, Harvey Keitel, Mark Addy, Jan Uddin, Gina McKee Synopsis A trusted driver must deal with his dead boss’s Muslim mistress, […]

Behind the Sword in the Stone

Status: Completed This documentary is expected to air on PBS some time in 2017. Release Date: 2016 Directed by Mark Wright; produced by Alec Moore and Lawrence Fee Cast: Gabriel Byrne, Liam Neeson, Helen Mirren, Nigel Terry, John Boorman, Helen Mirren, Patrick Stewart Synopsis Behind the Sword in the Stone […]

An L. A. Minute

Status: Filming Release Date: 2017 Written by Daniel Adams and Larry ‘Ratso’ Sloman; directed by Daniel Adams Cast: Gabriel Byrne, Kiersey Clemons, Bob Balaban, Ned Beatty Synopsis Ted Gold is a mega-rich, mega-famous, Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist and blockbuster movie producer.  Problem is, overwhelming success has turned him into a mega-hack […]

The Book of Vision

Status: In Development Release Date: 2018 Directed by Carlo Hintermann; written by Carlo Hintermann and Marco Saura; executive-produced by Terrence Malick Cast: Gabriel Byrne, Carice van Houten Synopsis from Variety Gabriel Byrne and Carice van Houten (“Game of Thrones”) are attached to star in “The Book of Vision,” a time-shifting […]