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AppearancesPhotos from events Gabriel has attended, including awards ceremonies, film festivals, and film premieres
FilmsPromotional photographs, screencaps, posters, and other images from Gabriel's movies
PhotoshootsImages of Gabriel created by professional photographers
35 405
PressImages and scans of articles about Gabriel from magazines and newspapers
StageStage appearances on Broadway and other venues
TelevisionPromotional images and screencaps of Gabriel's television work, as well as appearances on variety shows
The Byrne-ing LifePictures from Gabriel's daily life - including photos of him with his family and also pictures of a younger Gabe
3 27
Fan ArtGraphics and original art creations made by fans, including Forum Icons
8 615
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in-treatment-season3-fan-art-by-Whistling-Gyspy-01.jpgCollage by The Whistling Gypsy3 viewsStellaJun 23, 2015
in-treatment-season3-fan-art-by-Stella-07.jpg"Paul Fractured"1 viewsCollage by StellaStellaJun 23, 2015
in-treatment-season3-fan-art-by-Stella-06.pngWallpaper by Stella1 viewsStellaJun 23, 2015
in-treatment-season3-fan-art-by-Stella-04.jpgPromo by Stella1 viewsStellaJun 23, 2015
in-treatment-season3-fan-art-by-Stella-03A.jpgPromo by Stella2 viewsStellaJun 23, 2015
in-treatment-season3-fan-art-by-Stella-02.jpgPromo by Stella1 viewsStellaJun 23, 2015
in-treatment-season3-fan-art-by-Stella-01.jpgWallpaper by Stella2 viewsStellaJun 23, 2015
in-treatment-season3-fan-art-by-Magalie.jpgArt by Magalie2 viewsStellaJun 23, 2015