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AppearancesPhotos from events Gabriel attended
Award CeremoniesGabriel presenting and also receiving awards at a variety of awards ceremonies over the years.
8 82
Charity/Fundraising EventsPhotos of Gabriel attending and helping out at various charity and fund raising events
13 136
Cultural Ambassador for IrelandTranscripts of speeches, presentations, and interviews as well as pictures from events Mr. Byrne attended in his official capacity as Cultural Ambassador, including many Imagine Ireland events.
8 122
Festivals/PremieresPhotographs taken of Gabriel at film festivals, premieres, and other events
12 183
MiscellaneousSpeaking engagements, readings, and other appearances
4 21
FilmsPromotional photographs, screencaps, posters, and other images from Gabriel's movies
A Dangerous WomanAmblin Entertainment, 1993
Role: Colin Mackey
5 135
All Things To All MenCipher Films, 2012
Role: Joseph Corso
5 43
Assault on Precinct 13Rogue Pictures, 2005
Role: Capt. Marcus Duvall
4 13
CapitalKG Productions, 2012
Cohen Media Group, 2013
Role: Dittmar Rigule
5 138
Cool WorldParamount Pictures, 1992
Role: Jack Deebs
2 12
Courier, TheEuston Films, 1988
Role: Val
3 88
Dark ObsessionWorking Title Films, 1989
Role: Lord Hugo Bruckton
4 130
Defence of the RealmThe Rank Organisation, 1985
Role: Nicholas "Nick" Mullen
3 162
Emotional ArithmeticSeville Pictures, 2007
Role: Christopher Lewis
6 213
End of DaysUniversal Pictures, 1999
Role: The Man/Satan
7 195
ExcaliburOrion Pictures, 1981
Role: Uther Pendragon
3 160
Frankie StarlightFine Line Features, 1995
Role: Jack Kelly
4 91
Ghost ShipWarner Bros. Pictures, 2002
Role: Captain Sean Murphy
4 60
GothicVirgin Vision, 1986
Role: Lord Byron
5 165
Hanna KYear of Release: 1983
Role: Joshua Herzog
2 7
I, AnnaEmbargo Films, 2012
Role: D.C.I. Bernie Reid
6 352
Into The WestMiramax Films, 1992
Role: Papa Reilly
4 176
JindabyneSony Pictures Classics, 2007
Role: Stewart Kane
4 97
Julia and JuliaRAI, 1987
Role: Paolo
2 10
Le Temps de l'Aventure, AKA Just A SighRectangle Productions, 2013
7 326
LeningradKoBura Films, 2009
Role: Phillip Parker
3 47
Little WomenColumbia Pictures, 1994
Role: Professor Friedrich Bhaer
6 130
Mad Dog Time, AKA Trigger HappyUnited Artists, 1996
Role: Ben London
2 6
Man in the Iron Mask, TheUnited Artists, 1998
Role: d'Artagnan
5 263
Miller's CrossingCircle Films/20th Century Fox, 1990
Role: Tom Reagan
8 322
Point Of No ReturnWarner Bros., 1993
Role: Bob
5 293
Polish WeddingFox Searchlight Pictures, 1998
Role: Bolek Pzoniak
4 96
SiestaPalace Pictures, 1987
Role: Augustine
5 213
Smilla's Sense of SnowFox Searchlight Pictures, 1997
Role: The Mechanic
6 465
Somebody Is WaitingRedhead Films, 1996
Role: Roger Ellis
2 24
SpiderYear of Release: 2002
Role: Bill Cleg
6 146
StigmataMGM 1999
Role: Father Andrew Kiernan
5 169
This Is The SeaFirst Look International, 1997
Role: Rohan
2 148
Usual Suspects, ThePolygram Filmed Entertainment, 1995
Role: Dean Keaton
4 134
Vampire Academy: Blood SistersThe Weinstein Company, 2014
Role: Victor Dashkov
3 12
Wah-WahScion Films, 2005
Role: Harry Compton
4 304
PhotoshootsProfessional images taken of Gabriel
35 400
1999 Deauville Festival Photoshoot


Date Photographed: September 6, 1999
Photographer: Eric Robert

6 files, last one added on Oct 29, 2008
Album viewed 250 times

2005 TIFF Portrait Session (Wah-Wah)


Date Photographed: September 12, 2005
Photographers: Carlo Allegri & Jeff Vespa

11 files, last one added on Nov 29, 2008
Album viewed 228 times

2006 TIFF Portrait Session (Jindabyne)


Date Photographed: September 13, 2006
Photographer: Carlo Allegri

1 files, last one added on Nov 16, 2008
Album viewed 246 times

Assorted Shoots


5 files, last one added on May 16, 2009
Album viewed 231 times

Andrew Faulkner


11 files, last one added on Nov 14, 2011
Album viewed 201 times

Barry McCall


2010 photoshoot in Ireland for Barry McCall's 20th anniversary book, PHO20GRAPHY, with proceeds going to the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (ISPCC).

10 files, last one added on May 19, 2013
Album viewed 133 times

The Black Series


Various photographs with a black theme

40 files, last one added on May 04, 2009
Album viewed 349 times

The Black and White Series


A range of BW photos from over the years

48 files, last one added on Nov 13, 2009
Album viewed 304 times

The Blue Series 2


1 files, last one added on Feb 21, 2009
Album viewed 95 times

Charlie Gray


Photographs by Charlie Gray
Visit his website:

12 files, last one added on Sep 15, 2013
Album viewed 114 times

Christopher Ameruoso


2 files, last one added on Nov 14, 2011
Album viewed 201 times

Cliff Watts: Sparkling


Photographs by Cliff Watts

7 files, last one added on Sep 06, 2008
Album viewed 346 times

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PressImages and scans of articles on Gabriel from magazines and newspapers
AdvertisementsPhotos of Gabriel in various ads
1 2
ArticlesArticles and other writings by Gabriel Byrne
1 21
Magazines and NewspapersImages and scans of articles about Gabriel from magazine and newspaper sources
80 262
StageStage appearances on Broadway and other venues
A Moon for the MisbegottenPosters, official images and event photographs of Gabriel in the play that earned him a Tony nomination in 2000 for his role as James Tyrone, Jr.
4 41
A Touch of the PoetPosters, official images and event photographs of Gabriel in the Roundabout Theater Company production of 2005-2006, at Studio 54.
2 7
CamelotIn 2008, Gabriel appeared as King Arthur in a revival of the Alan Jay Lerner musical Camelot. A performance was later televised on "Live From Lincoln Center."
1 11
TelevisionPromotional images and screencaps of Gabriel's television work, as well as appearances on variety shows
Buffalo GirlsPromotional stills and screen captures from the 1995 CBS television movie in which Gabriel Byrne starred as Teddy Blue
2 33
DraiochtScreencaps from Gabriel's film, in Gaelic, produced by Crimson Films in 1996
1 9
In TreatmentPromotional stills and screencaps of Gabriel as Dr. Paul Weston in the critically-acclaimed HBO drama. He received the Golden Globe Award (Best Performance by an Actor In A Television Series - Drama) in 2008 and was nominated in 2008 and 2009 for an Emmy.
14 480
Madigan MenPromotional stills and screen captures from the ABC television series, airing in 2000, in which Gabriel Byrne starred as Benjamin Madigan.
2 137
QuirkeBased on the first 3 books by Benjamin Black (AKA John Banville), this mini-series from BBC Drama stars Mr. Byrne in the title role, playing a troubled pathologist living in 1950's Dublin, Ireland. Aired in Ireland in February, 2014 and on BBC One in May, 2014.
4 100
Secret StatePromotional images, screencaps, and more for the Channel 4 UK mini-series which premiered on November 7, 2012. Starring Gabriel Byrne as Tom Dawkins.
8 542
Variety ShowsAppearances by Gabriel Byrne on talk shows and other venues on television.
2 26
VikingsNine-part scripted series for the History Channel, this production was filmed in Ireland and starred Gabriel Byrne as Earl Haraldson. Premiered in the United States in March 2013.
5 47
Weapons of Mass DistractionPromotional stills and screen captures from the 1997 HBO television movie in which Gabriel Byrne starred as Lionel Powers
3 1
The Byrne-ing LifePictures from Gabriel's daily life - including photos of him with his family and also pictures of a younger Gabe
3 27
Early Years


Photos of Gabriel in the past

3 files, last one added on Sep 11, 2008
Album viewed 274 times



Images of Gabriel with his family

2 files, last one added on Feb 23, 2009
Album viewed 549 times



Images taken of Gabriel by paparazzi/fans during sightings

22 files, last one added on Jan 09, 2012
Album viewed 526 times


3 albums on 1 page(s)

Fan ArtGraphics and original art creations made by fans
7 222
Avatars and Icons


Images for use in forums and other places that require small pictures of Gabriel

91 files, last one added on Apr 09, 2013
Album viewed 186 times



Banners for fan sites and other fan-made publications

2 files, last one added on Oct 24, 2008
Album viewed 55 times



Drawings, paintings and other handmade creations of Gabriel by fans

14 files, last one added on Oct 14, 2011
Album viewed 73 times

Miscellaneous Graphics


A variety of images of Gabriel that do not fit into the other albums

50 files, last one added on May 14, 2009
Album viewed 125 times

Picspam by Bowie28


Bowie28 created his famous Gabriel Byrne PicSpam on his LiveJournal site back in 2008. With permission, here are all of the photos used to create it. Many thanks to Bowie28!

33 files, last one added on Sep 09, 2013
Album viewed 36 times



Computer wallpapers created for fans by fans

31 files, last one added on Feb 02, 2012
Album viewed 205 times

Drop Box


Put your pictures here.

1 files, last one added on Jan 31, 2012
Album viewed 48 times


7 albums on 1 page(s)

8,257 files in 377 albums and 64 categories with 0 comments viewed 409,453 times

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Most viewed
Gabe_172.jpgGabriel with daughter Romy2088 viewsFrom HOLLYWOOD DADS
© 2007 by Joyce Ostin
gblifemagazine5.jpgLife Magazine 051926 viewsGabriel Byrne (holding daughter Romy Marion) and son Jack (center, wearing basketball shirt) with Jack's friend (left) at film premiere of "Quest For Camelot."
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
Date taken: May 03, 1998
Photographer: Mirek Towski
© 1998 Life Magazine
gbobrienstudioireland.jpgThe Old Days1473 viewsGabriel Byrne and Ellen Barkin
© O'Brien Studio, Bunratty, Co. Clare, Ireland
Date Unknown
Gabe_280.jpgGabriel as a Young Adult1202 viewsFrom PICTURES IN MY HEAD
© 1997 by Gabriel Byrne
naughty2bw.jpgDutesco 081195 views© 2004 by Roberto DutescoStella2
gblifemagazine6.jpgLife Magazine 061183 viewsGabriel Byrne and Julia Ormond
Photographer: Dave Allocca
© 1998 Life Magazine
naughty1bw.jpgDutesco 091159 views© 2004 by Roberto DutescoStella2
Gabe_281.jpgGraduation (July 1973)1062 viewsFrom PICTURES IN MY HEAD
© 1997 by Gabriel Byrne