Full name: Gabriel James Byrne
Irish name: Gabriel Séamas Ó Broin
Date of Birth:
May 12, 1950 at 3:00 am
Place of Birth: The Rotunda Hospital in Dublin, Ireland
Current Place of Residence: New York City, USA
Eyes: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Height:  5’11”
Heritage: Irish
Citizenship: Ireland
Alma Mater: University College Dublin, Archaeology
Early Schooling:

  • First educated by the nuns in The Coombe (an area in Dublin)
  • Later taught by the Christian Brothers
  • Sent to England at the age of 11 to become a priest

Childhood Hobby: Football
Musical Skills: the Accordion
Meaning of the name Gabriel:

  • the origin is Hebrew and is translated as “God is my might”
  • the angel Gabriel makes several appearances in both the Old and New Testament

Father: Daniel

  • Former solder in the Irish Army
  • Worked as a cooper at a Guinness brewery in Dublin
  • Passed away in 1987

Mother: Eileen

  • Maiden name was Gannon
  • Hospital nurse in Galway
  • Passed away on July 24, 2002

Marital Status:

Married Hannah Beth King August 4, 2014 in County Cork, Ireland

Herald.ie: Family and friends celebrate Gabriel’s secret wedding (August 7, 2014)

Previous wife: Ellen Barkin

  • Met Gabriel during the filming of their 1987 movie, Siesta
  • Married 1988; Separated 1993; Divorced 1999


  • son Jack Daniel (b. October 1989)
  • daughter Romy Marion (b. November 1992)


Mr. Byrne is represented by The Agency in Dublin, Ireland

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The Book:

      • “Pictures In My Head,” first published in Ireland in 1994 by Wolfhound Press, Ltd.
      • American edition published in 1997 by Roberts Rinehart Publishers