This is Gabriel Byrne as you have never seen him: totally candid, unabashed, haunted, wry, fearless, and honest to an unprecedented degree.

Irish television channel TV3 is making the new documentary Gabriel Byrne: Stories From Home, directed by Pat Collins, available in its entirety on their website. The video runs approximately 76 minutes and can be viewed full screen.

Watch it here. RealPlayer is the recommended viewer. [UPDATE Sept. 28, 2009: the link to the movie is now broken. Sorry.]

This film is an incredible gift.

And what a wonderful early Xmas/Channukah/Seasonal Holiday of Your Choice present. Thank you, TV3! smile


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  1. thank thank thank….

  2. thanks a lot! great film! love this man :)

  3. Byrne Fan

    How do i get hold of this film?!!!!!

    • Hi, Byrne Fan.

      As far as we know, it is not available. It has been showing up at some European film festivals and there is hope that a distributor will be found.

      As one of the lucky few who saw it when it was available on the web back in December, I can tell you it is an amazing experience and will be worth the wait!

  4. Any news about the film? How do i get hold of it? Why is it not for sale?

  5. We should try and update this page, as the link is now dead :( :( :(

    Who can we pester madly to get this film on a wider release? Any ideas?

  6. I would surely buy it if I could find it

    • The last post about Stories from Home was three months ago. Did anybody find how to get a copy of the film yet? I’m actually writing a paper on it for an academic conference!

      Thanks to anybody who knows the distributor’s contact info., though it will cost a mint to purchase it that way, I’m sure.

  7. where can i get the dvd of stories from home can’t get enuf of gabe

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