A very Grinchy Charley Brady writes about Gabriel Byrne: Stories From Home in the Irish Examiner USA (Dec 17, 2008):

“…So you can imagine how, in the midst of all my usual blues at this horrible, horrible time of the year, when you listen to spoiled little munchkins running around screaming at the weakling parents about how they want the latest over-priced gadget so that they can play with it for a day before they break it or toss it aside, never to be seen again…

…And the usual saccharine rubbish is being blasted into your Christmas-hating ears, then you realize that it’s time for the boiling oil to be poured forth from the castle turrets. And then…

Then you watch Irish actor Gabriel Byrne talk so openly about the obvious love that he has for his children and you find something that you had lost in your soul suddenly awakens…

What Gabriel Byrne gave back to me was the beauty of this time.”

Read the entire article here.

Merry Christmas, Mr. Brady. And God Bless Us, Every One (apologies to Dickens)!

Max says Happy Holidays, too.


  1. charley brady

    Hi Stella,

    This ancient article was pointed out to me recently and I’m glad to say I didn’t cringe when I reread it. I’m still grumpy and I still love watching Byrne. For what it’s worth my favourite film of his is still “Gothic” and likely to remain so unless he plays Byron again and it’s directed by the Marquis de Sade.

    Or is my favourite “Defence of the Realm”? Hell, now I’m confused.

  2. Mr. Brady! Thanks for the comment. I loved your article (not so ancient) and the sentiment you expressed. There are Byrne fans here who would second your choice of “Gothic.” And a version with GB directed by de Sade? O My! That would be truly delish. Glad you dropped by!

  3. charley brady

    Ms. Stella! Glad I dropped by and discovered this website myself.

    It got me thinking of directors that I would have liked to see making use of your hero. The guy who jumps out at me for the moment is Sam Peckinpah. (All heads bowed now.)

    At the moment the Powers that Be are actually having the nerve to remake his 1969 masterpiece “The Wild Bunch”. Now, apart from the fact that some films should never be remade it crossed my mind as to who the hell would play such moody, disgruntled looking men in this age of pretty boy actors.

    Yeah, you guessed it: I can just see Byrne as Pike Bishop delivering that great line: ” When you side with a man you stay with him and if you can’t do that you’re less than some animal! We’re finished!”

    Yeah, with the grey in his hair now and a little bit of stubble I could live with that.

    I’d still prefer to see him working as Byron with Ken Russell again though.

    Ah well, maybe in another universe.

    Be good,


  4. Gabriel in William Holden’s signature role! Wow. What a great idea. We know GB loves the westerns, so I bet he would jump at the chance (although all the horseback time would be tough to take these days, I imagine). From moody psychiatrist to moody Wild West anti-hero–yes! Thanks for dropping by, Charley.

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