Can Gabriel Byrne defy the laws of physics and exist in two places at the same time?

It is that kind of weekend for him! A film festival on the East Coast and an awards ceremony on the West Coast make this a busy time indeed.

The Capital Irish Film Festival (CIFF) [This article is no longer available on the Internet] in Washington DC closes on Sunday, December 20 with a showing of the documentary Gabriel Byrne: Stories From Home. After its warm reception at the LA Irish Film Festival back in September, now is the chance for those living in the Beltway (and beyond!) to see this amazing film on the big screen. Warning: there might be snow, so check out the website for possible schedule changes!

On the opposite coast, same day, different time zone, the International Press Academy sponsors its 2009 14th Annual Satellite Awards. In Treatment is up for the award for Television Series, Drama and Mr. Byrne has been nominated in the category Actor in a Series, Drama. Kudos on this recognition, especially since some other awards that will remain nameless have lacked the insight to acknowledge the enormous artistic achievements of this series and its lead actor.

So, which is it? East or West? Political hub or entertainment mecca?

I personally hope our star is enjoying a holiday away from it all, at home in Ireland, or wherever he chooses to unwind and be with family and friends.

As for me? If I could, I’d hoof it to DC to check out Stories From Home on the big screen. I’ve seen it on the little screen and it is worth the trip, believe me!

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  1. Well, the guy has been back in New York this week, according to Twitter sightings of him in Central Park, talking about dogs, and then the night-before-last at a party in Brooklyn (I think.)

  2. maybe he thinks his best chance to win is not to be there ;-)

  3. Stephanie

    Aragarna this is nice.

  4. Any updates as to when Season Two may be coming out on DVD? And if and when Stories from Home may be heading to San Fran?

  5. I’m putting money that he is in neither place. He’s been seen at home this week after at least two weeks in Ireland. He said he isn’t going to attend the Washington Film Festival, and now the wicked weather is very likely to keep him away for sure. And he mentioned that he always spends Christmas with the kids, so he may sneak in a trip to the west coast, but again, New York is getting socked in big time. I suspect he is settling in for time with family.


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