The PTA of Public School 8, The Robert Fulton School, is sponsoring its first annual Night to Celebrate Reading, with special guest Gabriel Byrne, on Thursday, November 19, 7:00 – 9:00 pm at the Umbrage Gallery in DUMBO, Brooklyn.

Check out the official website [This link is no longer available on the Internet] for the list of authors and scholars in attendance (Tad Friend and Josh Neufeld, to name two of many), as well as the list of donated books that will be available for sale, including Virginia Heffernan and Mike Albo’s The Underminer and David Samuels’ The Runner.

I hesitated about posting this news because it is really Mr. Byrne’s neighborhood and he doesn’t need a bunch of us checking out where he lives. smile However, it warms my librarian heart to see him support, nay, even celebrate reading, so thanks to Lara for the scoop on this event and for prodding me to alert you to it.


Now go read something good!

Photos from the event have been posted to the Gallery. Enjoy!

All of the photos by Aki Tuccu. There is a report at the Brooklyn Heights Blog as well.

Yet Another Update: Liz Gumbinner, AKA Mom-101, an author who read her own work that evening, has a great post at her blog about this event.




  1. Love, love. love, love, love. I am full to the brim with love.

  2. I wish I could go……..

  3. Me, too. Filled with love and wish I could go.

    I hope someone takes pictures!


    UPDATE: pictures have been added to the Gallery now. Thanks to Lara for the heads up on these!!

  4. I’ve just been browsing around the school website looking at the photographs from the evening and, if I thought I was in love BEFORE the event, I am even more so now. Carry me outta here in a bucket, say I.

  5. Thanks for sharing informations and photos. Gabriel looks absolutely great on the photos from this event. Photo number 3 of him from this event is just gorgeous! I am so happy about that he looks so good. He does not look so tired and thin as he looked in IT2.

  6. Did I forget to mention that I think he is extremely handsome and attractive…?

  7. Thank you for posting the pics of this event to the gallery. The links to the PS8 website do not bring them up any more. I was so afraid I was too late to see them.

    I can always count on you ladies to find these great pictures and then Stella adds them to the gallery,

    Sigh! He’s so handsome. And I’m liking that he is letting his hair go gray all over.

  8. Oh, to have been there!
    He was at the Moth Ball 2 days before which is a completely different type of event but also very cool. Storytelling! Anybody seen any pics?

  9. regenboog

    I wonder why all the women around Gabriel have such a blissful and somewhat hungry expression on their faces (actually, on all pictures of Gabriel with gals)?
    It is a rhetorical question, you see…

  10. May be Im wrong, but don’t u think the jacket he is wearing inside in the pic above is the same as that he wears on IT??

  11. I think you’re right Divya ! ;-)

  12. regenboog

    He knows how we are attached to such things:)

  13. I too love him to bits but he wears a lot of clothing that looks the same or similar…brown is a frequent colour. I think he was given creative license for the IT wardrobe!

  14. I checked ->
    IT-Season 2:Episode 25(Session with Gina). You find him wearing the same jacket. Minute 4:00 onwards :)

  15. Good catch, Divya! I’m afraid this just further blurs the lines between reality and fiction, though. Sigh. :-)

  16. I agree Stella. This is why IT has hit so many so hard. I think he reveals ALOT of himself in that show!!!1 Argh.

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