The Playhouse Theatre in Londonderry has been refurbishing.

They have attracted much attention with the rebuilding of their various venues. Now they have attracted the attention of “Irish acting legend Gabriel Byrne,” who has become a patron of The Playhouse.

The Londonderry Sentinel reported [this article is no longer available on the Internet]:

As a patron of the Playhouse, Gabriel is helping to support one of the most vibrant arts centres in the whole of Ireland, one which is closely linked to the artistic and cultural life of the city and has always been proud of its grass-roots work.

As Mr. Byrne has said elsewhere: “Every village, every city, needs a theatre. It’s not just a building, it’s about being exposed to new ideas.”

Theater may be “dead” in the US, but it seems to be thriving in Ireland. Kudos, Gabriel!

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