Gay Byrne, famous broadcaster, and Gabriel Byrne, famous hyphenate (actor/writer/producer/activist), laid the first boards of the stage of the new Grand Canal Square Theatre in Dublin yesterday.

Gabriel said:

“Every village, every city, needs a theatre. It’s not just a building; it’s about being exposed to new ideas. Theatre changes the way we view society and connects us to global ideas. In the past, we’ve suffered from being closed off.”


“The theatre is seriously important for who we are. In the past, the most important building in a village was a church,” the actor added. “A theatre can be as powerful as a church, but without being as controlling.”

The Irish Times article  is now behind a paywall.


The Stage News UK tells us that both Gabriel Byrne and Gay Byrne have been appointed honorary directors of the new theatre:

The Grand Canal Square Theatre, part of a major docklands project by local impresario and developer Harry Crosbie, has been designed by award-winning architect Daniel Libeskind, the man chosen for the redesign of New York’s World Trade Centre. Building work on the theatre has already started and the aim is to have it completed by next March 17, St Patrick’s Day.

Byrne and his namesake, Gay Byrne, the former Late Late Show host, were appointed honorary directors of the theatre for the board laying ceremony. With seating for 2,100, it will be city’s largest venue since the Theatre Royal, which closed back in the 1960s. The theatre will be run by Live Nation and managing director Mike Adamson said it would enable Dublin to stage major international productions in ballet and opera.


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  1. I was talking to someone on Twitter who met Gabriel last night. He said: “Gabriel Byrne was absolutely lovely. Quite philosophical! He spent ages chatting to us even though his cab was waiting.”

  2. Lozzie: That was great. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. I love my work :-D

    Doesn’t he just look stunning? Oh, and I am now praying like mad that he does, indeed, go to Dublin in order to tread the boards. If that happens, I actually will have a chance of going to see him, as Dublin is less than an hour by air from where I live.

    Now he’s put it out to the Universe that he wants to come home and do some theatre, it is likely to happen. The only question is when.

  4. Lozzie, thanks thanks thanks!
    You are fantastic, wonderful, super!!
    (Gabriel is wonderful too)
    Bye bye

  5. Lozzie! If you read the Forum, you will see that some of us are planning a trip to Ireland in 2010. We entertain no real hope of seeing him and are just planing to walk in his footsteps…gawd, do we sound like pilgrims or what? Anyway, now there might be a chance that he will be there too and we could see him on the stage and and and…Sorry. I’ll stop now. :-)

    And yes, Daniela. Lozzie rocks!


  6. OMG if you come to Ireland then I too will be there to meet you! I adore Dublin, Gabriel or no Gabriel …

  7. NEWSFLASH: Gabriel has been named honorary director of this theatre.

    I feel so proud of him!

  8. Eek, me again.

    You can see some more pictures from the event here:

    They’re all covered in watermarks but are still things of great beauty :-D

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