From The New Yorker:

…Inspired by the magazine’s Prohibition-era column “Speakeasy Nights”, these cabaret-style evenings will feature readings, talks, live music, and other diversions; good fun in hard times.

Our first Speakeasy will be called “Love Is Strange” (which it is) and will be hosted by The New Yorker’s fiction editor, Deborah Treisman. Here’s what’s on tap:

Gabriel Byrne (In Treatment) will read a love letter from Dylan Thomas to his wife, Caitlin.

New Yorker fiction writers Jeffrey Eugenides and Karen Russell will discuss love and literature.

Victor Rasuk (Raising Victor Vargas) will read a story by Junot Díaz.

And the Brooklyn band Grizzly Bear will play an acoustic set.

Sounds like a wonderfully romantic way to spend February 14th! smile

UPDATE: According to the New Yorker online, “…for a video of the evening, including readings by Gabriel Byrne and Victor Rasuk and a performance by Grizzly Bear, check on February 23rd.”

UPDATE #2: I emailed the New Yorker to inquire about the video of Gabriel reading the letter, which is still not available on their website. Let’s see what happens.

UPDATE #3 (Mar 12, 2009): Alas and alack, there will be NO video of Gabriel reading the letter. Here is the word from The New Yorker:

Dear Ms. Kuru,
We apologize, but it turns out that in the end we could not post the Gabriel Byrne reading online. Sorry to disappoint you.
Michael Schulman
The New Yorker

Sigh. I’m going off to cry in the corner now.



  1. I love Byrnoholics! Thanks to Yan and Stella. Excuse my English, but I am italian woman and I dont’t speack English very well.
    Thanks again.

  2. Hi, Dan!

    My spouse is Italian and I asked him to translate some of your earlier comments for me.

    Thanks for visiting Byrneholics! We really appreciate your kind words!


  3. Hi Stella, I went to The New Yorker online website and could not find anything related to Speakeasy nights on valentines day. If you can find the video of Gabriel’s reading of Dylan Thomas love letter, please post for all of us Bryneholics to enjoy. You are doing a wonderful service with this website ! Thank you.


  4. Hi, June. I’ve been looking and looking, too. Although two videos have been posted, the New Yorker has not yet posted the video of GB reading Dylan Thomas. If they ever do, I will certainly post the link here! I promise. And thanks for supporting this site. I hope you continue to enjoy it! –Stella

  5. I emailed the New Yorker too. Maybe if we all email them they will get it on.

  6. Great minds think alike, Kim! I emailed them again today too. Let’s see what happens.

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