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Alanna over at the Anti-BVBL Blog attended the concert and had this to say:

I had the privilege of attending a SPECTACULAR event last evening at the Kennedy Center – ADL’s 15th Annual Concert Against Hate.

The Masters of Ceremonies included Liev Schreiber and Gabriel Byrne.  Their presentation was flawless and the introductions of the different honorees was beyond touching.

In between recognizing the honorees, the National Symphony Orchestra played under the direction of Emil de Cou, who appeared larger than life as he commanded the performance.

This article at the Anti-BVBL Blog is no longer available.

Sounds like an amazing and uplifting evening! Now if someone only had pictures….

Original posting:

Gabriel Byrne and Liev Schreiber will co-host the Anti-Defamation League’s In Concert Against Hate on Monday, November 16 2009, at  The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC.

The official ADL concert website provides information about ticket availability and the Awards Dinner which precedes the concert [the offical ADL Concert website for 2009 is no longer available].

ADL In Concert Against Hate is a powerful and inspirational event that honors heroes in the fight against intolerance, extremism and terrorism. The Concert tells the stories of ordinary men and women who have performed extraordinary acts of courage and compassion when confronted by hatred and bigotry. These are individuals who could not stand by while others were the targets of injustice, but instead chose to act. We also tell the stories of people who were themselves targets of hate, including those who have lost their lives in this struggle. (from the website).

Thanks to Lara for this news!


  1. Celebrating modern day saints. This ties in powerfully with the book I am reading at the moment. Sometimes my brain aches, trying to keep up with it all.

  2. From What I have read over the years about Gabriel Byrne, it does not surprise me that he would lead the way in this event to honor the everyday heroes that come to the aid of the suppressed or people that are victimized for their race, religion, sexual idenity, etc. He always struck me as the type to stand up for someone being bullied or harassed. Great men do that. In my opinion he is a great man! Handsome as they come, yet so modest. What a man of integrity! ( sorry for the poor spelling ) Not one of my stronger points. Kudos to you Gabriel!

  3. I agree with June. The guy’s an inspiration. I feel like we live in a time when we desperately need heroes, and in highlighting the achievements of these people, Gabriel shows us his own heroic side. It has nothing to do with throwing himself on a grenade or pulling people out of a burning building or standing in the path of an oncoming tank. It may seem like a relatively small gesture that he makes, but it shows us how easily we too, could be out there making a difference.

  4. just a quick note: ADL has CONFIRMED Gabriel Byrne as co-host for their “In Concert Against Hate” next Monday, Nov 16. If you can make it, don’t miss it!

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