We do not usually pander to the paparazzi, but in this case an exception will be made because we are so excited about the possibilities!

On July 1, Gabriel Byrne was sighted leaving the Porta Via Restaurant with a friend after having lunch together.

A gallery of pictures is available from ContactMusic.com.

The hope is that this was a business lunch involving negotiations for Season 3 of In Treatment, but who knows? Keep your fingers crossed!

Mr. Byrne is full of glasses…


  1. I love how comfortable this man is with himself. I love how … SHABBY he is. I do not mean that in any way insultingly – Gabriel Byrne makes shabby look GOOD.

  2. Shabby? Yeah. Rumpled? Yeah. Gorgeous? YEAH.



  3. Now, can you tell me – is that a shirt that he also wore as Paul Weston, in the second season of In treatment? I’ve been having a long conversation with someone about whether or not some actors are now wearing their own clothes when filming, and I have this idea that Gabriel is, indeed, wearing several items of his own clothes to play the part of Paul. I also thought Dianne Weist had several outfits that reminded me strongly of what she wore when she was on Law & Order…

  4. Gosh, Lozzie, who knows? Could even be the same jeans! Now we all have to go back and rewatch the Season Two episodes just to scope out the clothing… :-)

  5. Has anyone seen him with his girlfriend Anna George? Last i heard she had moved in with him. Yet i have not seen any photos of them together lately.

  6. Hi, June!

    Anna George appears in the role of Mrs. Singh in the new Peter Jackson film of Alice Seybold’s The Lovely Bones. The film is listed as being in post-production, so she may be involved in some looping and other stuff related to the film. No official word about her, as far as I know, and Mr. Byrne has not been interviewed recently, so I guess we shall have to wait and see what happens.

  7. The Irish hotty

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