From Irish Central, published today:

Big-hearted Gabriel Byrne showed yet again why he’s one of the nicest men in showbiz when he slipped into the month’s mind for the late writer Frank McCourt. The Emmy-nominated actor was deliberately low key as he arrived at the mass which took place at the Franciscan Church of the Holy Name of Jesus at 96th street in New York last night.

He was the only A-list actor to attend the mass which marked the first month of McCourt’s death.  Poignantly, the author of “Angela’s Ashes” would have celebrated his 79th birthday yesterday.

Instead, his friends and family gathered to remember him and honor him . . .

The original article at Irish Central is no longer available on the Internet, but The New York Times obituary for Mr. McCourt is.


  1. How sweet and thoughtful. Frank MCourt was a kind and gifted man. Did Gabriel sit through mass alone or did he have company? The Lord doesn’t count in this instance.

  2. What I like about Gabriel Byrne is he doesn’t allow his own atheism to come in between him and his desire to be respectful and mindful of the needs of others.

  3. ~Sorry about my typing~

  4. June, looks like he was solo. It was a thoughtful thing to do and I’m sure it came from his heart.

    Lozzie, I agree with you. I like how he follows his own mind and does what he thinks is right.

    And I fixed your typing boo-boo. :-)

  5. Thank you for tweaking me, Stella.

    Interesting! I note that Mr Byrne is not wearing his Claddagh ring on his right hand.

    Maybe he’s gotten his good self married again, and now wears it on his left hand. Now there’s a thought to conjure with.

  6. Married??!! Argggh. Well, that would be an event that I would hope we would not miss. Let’s keep an eye peeled for that ring!

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