Nominated for their performances in In Treatment:

Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series: Hope Davis, as Mia

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series: Gabriel Byrne, as Paul

Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series: Dianne Wiest, as Gina

2009 Primetime Emmy Awards will be broadcast live September 20 on CBS Television.

Celebratory champagne should be very cold, so get yours on ice now.


gbitemmy7wallpaperHope Davis, Gabriel Byrne, and Dianne Wiest


  1. Love the photos you have posted with Mia, Paul and Gina and the waves that are floating around them. It is like waves of feelings and unspoken words. (I also appreciate the Flickr Feed wallpapers. They are really great art.)

  2. The wave motif is particularly appropriate .. I love it.

    My feelings about the whole show are like being caught on a swell and thrown helplessly towards some far-distant shore.

  3. Glad you like the pic. There are more on the way.

    I agree with you, Lozzie, about being thrown helplessly, but I feel more like I’m being tossed against the craggy rocks, scrambling for purchase on the seaweed-strewn stones, waiting for the next wave to wash over me…

    Or something.

  4. No, I’m absolutely sure that I am floating, drifting, being carried along to who-knows where. Navigating by the light of his eyes.

    (NOTE TO SELF – just write the song, Lozzie)

  5. From TwoMoons, via the Community Box:

    Everyone has to read this: I read a book last year called On Desire by William Irvine; Does anyone else feel like we’ve been psychoanalyzed after they read this?

    “Our emotions are capable of incapacitating our intellect by clogging our mind with intrusive thoughts. Our emotions might, for example, fill our mind with the recurring image of the person with whom we are infatuated, or if not that, with a recurring anxiety or a recurring thirst for an alcoholic beverage. Because of these intrusive thoughts, our intellect is simply too distracted to string together a coherent arguement against the desire formed by our emotions: we can no longer think straight. If it wishes to regain its ability to function, the intellect has little choice but to capitulate.”

    OMG, I feel completely naked!!! LMAO!!!

    Much Love to all the other crazies out there with me, TwoMoons

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