The 2009 14th Annual Satellite Awards nominations were announced on November 30. This award is sponsored by the International Press Academy.

Gabriel Byrne has been nominated in the category Actor in a Series, Drama. In Treatment gets the nod for Television Series, Drama.

Winners will be announced at the 14th Annual Satellite Awards ceremony to be held on Sunday, December 20, 2009 at the Grand Salon of the InterContinental Hotel in Century City, California.

Congratulations to Mr. Byrne and to In Treatment!




  1. I completely mis-read this article when I got the heads-up and thought it was for last year. My brain was addled by the new pictures and article scans in the Byrneholics Forums; I can be forgiven.

    Has Gabriel been nominated for this award before now?

    I see Diane Wiest is also a nominee. Splendid stuff.

  2. Stephanie

    Great new !!!
    Congratulations Gabriel Byrne.
    We hope you December 20.

  3. I was just think the other day – no actually this afternoon… anyway. his hands should have a nomination on their own. they are truly a full character ;-)

    fingers crossed Gabe !!
    you’ve already win the award of my heart !

  4. Gabriel Byrne and In Treatment were nominated also last year. Hopefully, the tradition is that the winners must be different every so and so years… The nominees are of such a different cathegory and style that they are really difficult to fault or compared with. Of course, In Treatment should win. It is above all the others. I cannot understand, if the number of viewers is the main point. In Treatment is such an intelligent and addictive drama that many “quick fix” people do not understand its value.

  5. Thanks for sharing this information.
    I hope Gabriel wins the award.
    It would be well deserved!
    He is fantastic in the role as Dr. Paul Weston. :)

  6. Best wishes from India!! :D
    Go get that Gabriel… Its yours :)

  7. Hey Stella,
    Ur Flikr pics were sooo loverrrrly, once again :)
    Im not on Flikr or would’ve written loads of lovely comments each time I download a wallpaper from ur pool.
    I am a regular downloader from ur pool so please keep the beautifully made wallpapers flowing.
    And I wonder where u get these unseen pictures of Gabriel.. I ve never seen these pics anywhere!! Who is ur deep-throat?!?!? ;-)

    Thanks a ton!! :D

  8. Gabriel Byrne and Jeremy Irons.
    The best in the world and in my heart….

    Good lucky from Italy!
    (but the winner is always and forever Mr. Byrne.)

  9. Hey Divya! Get a Flickr account. It’s free! Then you can comment. I’m not at liberty to reveal my sources, but if you became a member of the Forum, you would find out where all this GB goodness is coming from. ;-) Thanks for your kind words. Glad you are enjoying the wallpapers.

  10. There.. I went n got myself a Flikr account. And the lovely B&W pic was waiting to greet me :) Thanks for d info Stella!!

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