So, I drank the champagne anyway. It felt good, ice cold and sparkling, soothing my raw vocal chords, a throat ruined by the “No! No! No!” being screamed at the television screen.

And I toasted Mr. Gabriel Byrne.

For his performance as Paul Weston in Season Two of In Treatment. For his towering talent and his commitment to his craft. And for his willingness to walk the Emmy Awards red carpet in a town no longer his, to face peers when he is peerless.

He did not go home empty-handed. He has won the hearts and minds of his audience.

Congratulations on your exceptional work this year, Mr. Byrne!

And best wishes for your future endeavors!

–Stella heart

Photos below from the Emmy Awards Red Carpet and the HBO After Party provided by Wireimage and Getty Images.


And Elle Magazine thinks he looks pretty great, too. “Undone nattiness.” OMG. Now we’re undone….


  1. Ohh, Stella that was right on target! Well said!
    Goood he is beautiful this man. I wish he knew how many people that loves him and his work.

  2. Well said girls.

    Gabriel Byrne is an exceptionally talented actor, and the work he did with Paul Weston in In Treatment is just so sensitive and emotional strong. It must have been exhausting to play that role, but I am so glad he did.

    I hope he will get many good roles in the future, and that he has time and energy to continue with acting beside his other interests.

    I really admire Gabriel Byrne with all my heart and thoughts. What a talented and hard working man. And yes, he is very handsome too.

  3. YES.

  4. And the winner is:


    End of discussion.
    (Winner in my head, in my heart, in my thoughts…always and forever)

  5. Absolutely!

  6. Divya_Saxena

    I wonder if GB ever reads this space :) !!

  7. Divya, we don’t think he does, but if he did, I think he would have fun, don’t you?!


  8. God he is a beautiful man.! I was so disapointed He did not. I did notice he went solo. Let’s hope for season 3. I would be one happy fan.

  9. Divya_Saxena

    Stella> I’m sure he’d love it :) !!!
    June> I too am praying for Season 3.It ll make my year. IT is so much better than GB movies coz movies end in 1 and a 1/2 hours.The more we see of him the better ;)

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