Alan Sepinwall, intrepid TV critic for The Star-Ledger newspaper of northern New Jersey, posted his In Treatment: Season Two Post-Mortem with Warren Leight back in May.

This interview with the In Treatment showrunner offers an analysis of Season Two, a discussion of the last episodes for each patient and how the story lines ended, and some thoughts on the possibility of Season Three.

Check it out again. It provides a picture of how much the show achieved in its sophomore season and also serves as a reminder of why we want to see the series continue.

Alan commented, in response to speculation about Season Three centering on a different therapist:

But this season has only re-affirmed Byrne’s value to the show, I think. Great as everybody, including Dianne Wiest, is, he makes them better, and he makes the listening part of the therapy as interesting as the talking. So long as Byrne wants the gig — and so long as HBO is willing to keep paying for the show — I think he should be the guy.

Go, Alan! Kudos to Mr. Leight for taking over the reins for Season Two and leading the show into its new territory. And kudos to the three actors nominated for their amazing performances, and to one actor in particular. That would be the blue-eyed gentleman in the center of this picture.



  1. Warren Leight was an undoubted asset to “In Treatment” (though his absence was sorely felt on his previous show, “Law and Order Criminal Intent.” So I would say that for a truly winning combination, one would need Gabriel Byrne AND Warren Leight. Plus some cracking writers.

    British journalist William Gallagher, who writes regularly for the BBC amongst others, has an interesting take on the writing for both seasons. See here:

  2. As much as I respect Gabriel’s work, and wish him every success on Sunday, I also feel that Hope Davis is talented beyond belief. She made Mia so real for me: so utterly conflicted, like I feel some days! I cannot remember an actor who has made me laugh and cry at the same time. I saw her this weekend in God of Carnage, and once again, laughed hysterically when she barfs on the books and takes a spaz with the tulips. GO TO NYC as soon as you can!!

  3. Thanks for the interesting article, Lozzie.

    I would however like to add to the following comment by Mr. Gallagher:

    “Fast-cutting scenes, action and stupendous locations cost money: tight, tense, intimate writing, not so much. Unfortunately, the type of writing that keeps you compelled without any eye candy, that involves you in characters without melodrama, that’s cripplingly hard to do.”

    My addition:

    “The In Treatment writers certainly have a hard job to do but it is less crippling since Mr. Byrne provides eye candy a plenty. The hardest job for the female writers is in keeping their minds on the dialogue they are writing instead of daydreaming and fantasizing about Mr. Byrne!!”

    ‘Nuff said……..

    twomoons – I agree that Hope Davis is fantastic. Gabriel should definitely win on Sunday and I am optimistic that Hope will also win in her category. Dianne Weist is fantastic as well but since she won last year and her screen times were sometimes less than the entire segment, I am “putting my money” on Hope. She was really “a trip” as Mia – I wouldn’t mind seeing her therapy continued in Season 3.

    Repeat after me – “There WILL be a Season 3, there WILL be a Season 3, there WILL be a Season 3…………..”


  4. I agree whole heartedly about Mia. I just think she is an incredibly gifted actress, and she provided us with some of the very best scenes in season two, in my humble opinion.

    And, poor William. Try as he might, he just can’t quite fathom his all- too-heterosexual head around my infatuation with Gabriel Byrne :D

  5. I forgot about William’s review, Lozzie! Thanks for the reminder.

    Today, Rick Porter at Zap2It says:

    “Gabriel Byrne, “In Treatment”: The subject matter of “In Treatment” isn’t easy to take, and the show has flown mostly under the radar in its two seasons. But Byrne’s performance (he submitted “Gina: Week 4″) is just an incredible thing to behold. He’s hugely deserving.”

    Hear, hear! An incredible thing to behold indeed.

  6. Kris! We miss you in the Forum. Drop by and post sometime soon, if you have the chance. I am chanting the chant: Season Three, Season Three, well, you know… :-)

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