In honor of In Treatment Season Two, here is a contest.

These two gentlemen seem to be having an interesting conversation. What are they saying?

Fill out the comments box of this posting with an appropriate caption for this picture.

Be sure to include your name and email address. Your email address will not be published; it will be available only to us.

Yan and I will judge the best entry and the winner will receive a brand new In Treatment Season One DVD.

Be creative! Be funny! Be psychological! You have until May 1, 2009.

Let the game begin. smile

byrneholicscontestpicWhat can they be saying? Paul is listening…


  1. Hi, to GoogleReader!

  2. Hi, Glen. I like it. :-)

    Thanks. Stella

    ps. Come on folks! Let’s see some more!

  3. -You know that’s called “countertransference?”
    -I knew this tank top would work.

  4. Christine -karenweston

    You haven’t been watching “In Treatment?”

    “Are you crazy?”

  5. Hi, Stella.
    What do you think abaut this?

    “Who’s that?
    Oh, my wife’s therapist.
    She tells it’s enough to see him to feel better!”

    Bye, bye.

  6. Cast: Mr. Let Me Tell You(in orange)
    Mr. Whatever You Say Dude(black wife beater)

    Mr. LMTU: They say about 100 men have Mr. Weston tied up and are holding him for ramsom.

    Mr. WYSD: What are their demands?

    Mr. LMTU: I think they said something like they want him to return the hearts of their wives.

    Mr. WYSD: I think that is a lost cause.

    Mr. LMTU: Ditto

  7. Just for the sake of clarity:

    “Black wife beater” in Comment #6 from Sam refers to the black t-shirt one of the gentlemen is wearing.

    Whew! Good one, Sam. ;-) Holding Paul Weston for ransom is NOT a good idea!

  8. Hi Stella! How about this?

    Orange shirt: Wouldn’t you want to be like Paul Weston?

    Black Shirt: You mean a divorced, Amtrak dad, who possibly lead a patient to suicide, but still charms all the ladies, and talks with an Irish brogue?……Who wouldn’t?!

  9. oops, sorry about the needed clarification.

  10. “Listen Mac, this ain’t got nothin’ to do with my mother! Who do you think you are anyway? Paul Weston?”

  11. “Look! Jimmy said he saw YOU take my DSM-V out the van, and I want it BACK!”

  12. “This shirt AGAIN? I told you: until you get a grip on your aesthetic needs, you’ll never reach self actualization, man!”

  13. “I don’t know, man. You think he can help me?”

    *Pointing* “Paul Weston?! If he can connect having the Sex Olympics with a random guy to their father, AND make sense, he can cure anyone!”

  14. Here is the entry for Kahel:

    (man in orange): listen dude, ever since my wife and i started seeing this dr.weston, everything about us has changed. i want my wife back!


  15. And the winner is:


    for entry #10!!

    Yan and I both agreed: this one knocked us out.

    Congrats, Lisa. We know you will enjoy your In Treatment DVD!!

    Thanks to everyone for playing. You are a creative bunch of Gabriel Byrne fans!!

  16. I congratulate Lisa on her victory!

    Bye, Daniela

  17. Daniela:

    When the Season 2 DVD of In Treatment becomes available, we will have another contest, so you will have another chance, don’t worry!


    Thanks for playing. The entries were all good and funny!


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