Tanymaus, an artist who has a wonderful gallery at deviantART, has created a study of Gabriel Byrne, with five images showing the progression of her drawing.

You can view the series, called “Step By Step”, and see how she proceeds from a simple outline to the complete drawing.

She has graciously given me permission to use her drawings in some wallpapers, which I have posted in the Gallery.

I make wallpapers for fun.  Tanymaus is an artist, and a very good one. Take a look at her work. She has really captured him. I just dropped these drawings into a few colorful backgrounds so you can enjoy more wallpaper goodness.

Many thanks to Tanymaus! smile

gbtaniapic-20090701bpostingOriginal drawing by Tanymaus

Wallpaper by Stella, using original drawing by Tanymaus

You can see both sets of images at the Gallery.


  1. I have such admiration for people who can do this kind of thing.

  2. Yes, Lozzie, me too. Tanymaus was very kind to share her work and allow me to make these wallpapers. I think she did a great job capturing his image and his spirit as the character of Paul Weston.

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