Ring in the next decade with the official Byrneholics Online New Year’s Wallpaper!

Share your New Year’s wishes for Mr. Byrne, your fellow Byrneholics, and the world by commenting on this post.

Oh, and include any New Year’s resolutions you might be considering–writing them down makes them seem more real, I find . . .  smile

All the best to everyone in 2010! heart



  1. I guess my location being the easternmost(since Im in India), I ll be welcoming the new year first.
    So lemme take the lead here to wish all you Byrneholics,wherever on the globe you are, a very Happy and Prosperous 2010 and the most successful year ever to our beloved angel-face Gabriel. Im looking forward to seeing more of his works this year and eagerly awaiting In Treatement-Season 3.

    Byrneholics has become a staple in my life. Each time I log in to the internet, I first log in to my email and simultaneously open this site to catch the latest.
    So I wish BH touches greater heights and more n more of you lovely ladies get to meet GB.

    As for my resolution for 2010->
    My Masters gets over in May’10, so I hope, wish and pray that I work hard enough to get a job to my liking.

  2. I wish all you a really happy new year (or at least full of serenity).

    I wanted to wish a happy new year and to thank Gabriel Byrne for his work, his activism in the world but, over all, because, thanks to him, I have known many wonderful friends, the Byrneholics girls: nice, funny, altruist, generous, detective girls!
    Happy new year my friends (full of Mr. Gabriel Byrne again)

    Daniela (Verona, Italy)

  3. I wanted to stop by and thank everyone here at Byrneholics for lightening up my 2009 and providing me with such hope and promise for 2010.

    I haven’t really made any New Year’s Resolutions.

  4. Stephanie

    Dear friends of Byrneholics
    Best wishes for the new year !!!!!
    I hope for you 365 days happy.

  5. I wish to give a big thank you to Stella and Yan for creating and working with this wonderful website: Byrneholics.online It is so nice to have this place to meet friends that admire Gabriel Byrne as much as I do.
    I hope that 2010 will bring good health and much joy to Gabriel Byrne and all Byrneholics around the world. It will be great to follow Gabriel’s work in the year to come. He is such a talented man and actor.
    Because of Gabriel I have learned to be interested in his country Ireland. It is such a beautiful and interesting country. I hope this country will have a good year in 2010.

    I post a link with the National Anthem of Ireland and photos of the beautiful country of Ireland from You Tube.

    Lara xx

  7. twomoons

    Happy New Year and Athbhliain Faoi Shéan!

    All the best in the year ahead my new friends.

    My resolution: To lead a meaningful and successful 2010 in every aspect of my life: relationships with family and friends, my work, my travels, all while having FUN!

    My wishes for 2010: have lunch with Gabriel, sell my house and travel with the boys.


  8. Aragarna

    Athbhliain Faoi Shéan is that gaélic ? that’s cool :D

    Happy new year to everyone one ! but I know 2010 should be good… with iT3 on its way ;-)
    thanks a lot to you all for your kindness and big kudos to our dear administrators and goodies providers.

    resolution ? arf no… should I take one it would be to focus more on my work and waste less time on the internet doing foolish things… but hell no ! I just can’t ;-)

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