Please note: more information about this documentary is available at PBS.

Late-breaking news from Lily:

Screening and discussion of Butte, America at New York University on Friday, September 25.

Thanks, Lily!


Updated October 15

Here is a clip  from the film, with a snippet of Gabriel’s narration, and the film’s official trailer is displayed above.

film clip


The film has its own website, naturally enough, including a sweet auld picture of The Madly Handsome Man Himself. [Please note: the film’s website is no longer available. You can learn more about the film here.]


  1. I attended the screening. It’s a very interesting and often very moving film. A lot of the narration is done by the people of Butte who are featured in the film, the rest is GB.

    The director, Pamela Roberts, said that she had written to GB’s Dublin office and asked him if he was interested in participating. He called her back and said yes. Apparently, he had an uncle who had told him stories about Butte.

    According to the director, the film will be on PBS this October, and the DVD can be ordered from the website.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Will the movie be available on DVD? Hope so. It is also interesting to read on the homepage for Butte, America that Gabriel Byrne is “currently writing several scripts”.
    Do somebody know what he is writing about?

  3. Sorry, for my question about the DVD.
    I can see that it is mentioned by Lily that it can be ordered from the website. That is great.

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