The Irish, it would seem, are everywhere.  And now they are headed to LA  for the second annual Los Angeles Irish Film Festival, September 23 – 27.

A screening of Gabriel Byrne: Stories From Home is scheduled for the evening of September 24. As this is just a few days post-Emmy Awards, there is some conjecture that Mr. Byrne may be on hand.

The opening night film at the festival will be The Eclipse, starring Ciaran Hinds and Aidan Quinn, directed by Conner McPherson, which did so well at the Tribeca Film Festival. And a bunch of interesting shorts are planned as well.

UPDATE August 13:

I just heard from Tina Moran at South Wind Blows Films. Ms. Moran is the producer of Gabriel Byrne: Stories From Home.

She informed me that this incredible documentary is also on the schedule for the CAPITAL IRISH FILM FESTIVAL, WASHINGTON, D.C., THURSDAY, 10 DECEMBER 2009.

More info at

And she provided this very nice poster. Thanks, Tina!


  1. Oh why oh why did I leave California?

  2. I’m sure all the Byrne fans in the LA area will be checking this out! I am so glad SFH is being shown in the US now. This is great!

  3. THAT … POSTER …


  4. I’m just hoping the film might come to a festival here in these islands sometime soon.

  5. I’m sure SFH will be available on your shores someday soon. :-)

    In the meantime, you have THAT…POSTER…


  6. Any info at all about DVD sales in the US?

    That POSTER!!!

  7. Sweetbud: no, nothing yet. Now that SFH is premiering at festivals in LA in September and Washington, DC in December, we can expect more news soon, I think. Let’s see what Neek has to say about the LA showing. Can’t wait!

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