Leningrad, the epic film by Aleksandr Buravsky, is set to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, with screenings on May 15 and May 20.

The film stars Gabriel Byrne and Mira Sorvino and is the story of a young British journalist, Kate Davis, during the Nazi siege of Leningrad in the winter of 1941.

A soaring, action-packed journey of heroism and sacrifice as one crusading journalist desperately fights to uncover the horrors buried within the infamous Nazi siege of Leningrad in the savage winter of 1941. In the height of World War II, journalist Kate Davis becomes trapped within the devastated city of Leningrad. Separated from her lover, American writer Philip Parker, Kate is rescued by Nina Tsvetkova, a member of the Leningrad militia who provides refuge for those escaping those horrors of war that have come so close to home.


We have been waiting for this film for a very long time, so this is great news!

UPDATE May 25: NonStop Sales, the distributor of Leningrad, now lists the National Release Date as January/February 2010.

Baby, it’s cold outside!


  1. Has anyone heard how Leningrad did at Cannes? I didn’t even see a mention of it on all the different articles. Was it even shown?

  2. June, I just checked and it was actually part of the Cannes Market, which is not part of the official festival, apparently. This is a venue where many films not in competition are shown at the same time as the festival films, in the hope that they will find a distribution channel. We shall see what happens.
    Cross your fingers. :-)

  3. I have never seen him with a beard before. I wonder if it is real?

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