UPDATE: 40+ Leningrad screencaps provided by the amazing Alexandra are now available in the Gallery. Check them out! Gabriel Byrne with a full beard, in the snow, in danger!

Sweetbud reports that the official website for the film Leningrad is now available [The official website is unavailable on the web as of September 12, 2017].

From the website:

Leningrad (2009) is a World War II epic that tracks the heroics and sacrifices of a young British journalist, Kate Davis, [Mira Sorvino]during the Nazi siege of Leningrad in the winter of 1941.In the midst of this horrific siege, she becomes isolated within the famished city and separated from her lover, an American journalist named Philip Parker [Gabriel Byrne]. Kate is able to befriend Nina Tsvetkova, a Leningrad militia woman, and two Russian children. She stays with them, and together they fight for their lives, surrounded by death, starvation, and the bullets of war. This epic story is inspired by true events. The siege of Leningrad was one of the longest and most destructive sieges in history. It lasted 872 days. Theatrical release  Russia  2010.

No word on further releases, so we shall have to wait to see when it becomes more widely screened.


Promotional Images and Screencaps




  1. Oh no! Dancing! LOL

    I’m not entirely convinced by that beard. I need to make a closer inspection.

  2. twomoons

    OMG, I’m so excited!! Just the trailer looks amazing. I hope they didn’t show all the best parts in it, like sometimes happens. Once again, his choice of movies says so much about who he is. XO Gabe

  3. This film has been on my radar for so long. I’m so GLAD it is finally getting some play and I can’t wait until it comes here, or goes to DVD, or something!! :-P

  4. I am wondering if you can think of another film where Gabriel has sported a full beard?

    It wouldn’t take him long to grow one. According to an interview I read yesterday, the woman who cuts his hair said she doesn’t know anyone who’s hair grows so thick and so fast.

  5. Hi, Lozzie.
    I have seen all Gabriel’s movies and I don’t remenber beard, only moustaches. Perhaps, in “Exalibur”…

  6. Lozzie, it’s true! In this movie Gabriel has a beard but he is always wonferful,charming,sexy….(my God, I am married!)

  7. Daniela – fear not, many of us are married but, as my friend Michelle says “I may be married, but I ain’t DEAD!”

    Excalibur, yes. I haven’t seen that, actually. I must watch it.

  8. It’s true! And I am NOT certainly dead!!

    In Excalibur he has not much beard. I want to say that in Leningrad he has beard. Sorry to lead you into error and sorry for my grammatical mistakes.

    In this movie, he makes love to his woman covered completely with armour while she ia naked…. :)

  9. Daniela, he tells funny stories about filming Excalibur. I think the fact that the actress he was doing that scene with was actually the director’s daughter added a surreal element to his experience… His first big film and he has to ride a horse in armor that won’t come off! Whew. The actor’s life can be hard… :-)

  10. I am from an Irish background ence the name
    Mary Elizabeth Theresa Bernadette Boylan,but have been living in São Paulo ,Brazil for over 25yrs I am a huge fan of Gabriel Bryne,and would Love to send him an e-mail /fan letter is there anyway? Thanks for any help,please help this poor fan,God bless yeh!

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