1. very interested. thanks

  2. I really want to see stories from home, I was not able to get it to come up on this site. I take it I am not the only one to encounter problems? If you could make it available I would be very grateful. Thanks June

  3. Hi, June!

    We have contacted the producers of the film to ask permission to make the file available.

    We’re just waiting to hear back.

    Thanks for visiting our site!

  4. I really love to see it. Hope they give permission :-)

  5. Hi, Gunn!

    No word yet, but it does not look promising.

    We will keep you posted, of course.



  6. I went on the site recently and supposedly you can only watch it in Ireland

  7. Yes. It was supposed to be shown at a film festival in California recently but was removed from the schedule at the last minute (according to a blogger who was really looking forward to seeing it!).

    Don’t know when Stories From Home might be available again, but we will keep looking!

  8. Am also interested in seeing the documentary, Stories from Home.

  9. i really want to see Stories From Home, but I can’t travel to a film festival or anything. I hope we can see it online.

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