This just in from Tim Goodman at the San Francisco Chronicle, in his article about acting nominees for the Emmys:

Gabriel Byrne, “In Treatment,” HBO. He really does the impossible in this role: He puts thoughtfulness in motion.

We could not have said it better ourselves! Read the complete article and stay tuned for the announcement on July 16.


itseason2cap-20090714apostingThoughtfulness in motion. Yes.


  1. I read this a couple of days ago and my heart skipped a beat – because for me, in SO MANY OF HIS ROLES, Gabriel Byrne does indeed “put thoughtfulness in motion.”

    He should adopt that phrase as his trademark, or something.

    My fingers, legs, arms and eyes are currently crossed, waiting to hear about Emmy nominations. Though I don’t suppose Gabriel himself is shallow or self-obsessed enough to give a shite about winning such an award, I think if he did, it would be a nice opportunity for his fans to have a little celebratory party never the less. An opportunity to show him we love ‘im, and also to say to a host of other people, “SEE?? WE TOLD YOU HE WAS AWESOME!!!”

  2. And, actually, I have just read that Gabriel HAS BEEN NOMINATED again this year! Yay! Hope Davis and Dianne Weist, too!

  3. I agree about the trademark line, Lozzie. That writer captured him in a single phrase, a very difficult thing to do!

    I’ve got the celebratory champagne on ice and MY fingers are so crossed for his Emmy win that I am having troublellll typppinggggg….


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