I just received my print issue of the latest Entertainment Weekly, which picks the final 3 episodes from Monday night as the “Must Watch of the Week.”

I am thrilled, of course, for this recognition for the series, and I appreciate the notice that EW has taken of In Treatment this season, especially compared to their rather cool response last year.

Ken Tucker provides the brief review, which I should NOT provide here in its entirety, but which I am going to provide here in its darned entirety ANYWAY because I appreciate what he has to say so much:

The second season of the nail-you-to-your-seat therapy drama sure as hell provides closure. On Sunday we saw Gabriel Byrne’s Dr. Paul Weston conduct his last sessions (for now, at least) with Hope Davis’ unraveling lawyer and cancer patient April (Alison Pill, working deftly through an array of emotions in, by fan consensus, the season’s most compelling story line). Tonight [last night, for us] we witness the fate of little Oliver (Aaron Shaw), who’s coping with his parents’ separation, and John Mahoney’s ultimate decisions as a disgraced, suicidal business exec. The season has also brought forth an extraordinarily subtle, anguished, yet frequently funny series of performances by Byrne with his own therapist (brava, Dianne Wiest!), which also concludes tonight. He deserves both an Emmy and a juicy action-movie role after all those months spent glued to his chair [emphasis mine].

Action hero? Maybe later…


  1. Outstanding second season! Bravo Gabriel, Hope, Alison, John and Dianne. All Staff included! Gabriel Byrne has found a role to totally morph into and show the world his immense talent. IT has made me a huge fan of his work and realised he is the most talented actor in the business. I just realised I left out Oliver and the actors who play his parents, Kudos to you also! Gabriel Byrne’s compassion, voice and listening ability make this a must watch program. HBO do not let go of this one. It’s the diamond in the ruff.

  2. Go, June! Season Two was a knock-out, wasn’t it? I just knew they would make it happen, and they did. And Gabriel just nailed this part. So good. I was surprised Entertainment Weekly came out with such a positive review. They were pretty lukewarm last year but wised up this year, thank goodness. Their appreciation of the show can only help and I really appreciate their recognition of the show and of GB in particular. HBO: pay attention, please!

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