1. Oh My GOD I was badly unprepared for that. Whenever I see a new (to me) picture of Gabriel I need to be:

    a) Sitting down;
    b) Surrounded by absorbent material – towels, kitchen roll, anything that will soak up the drool;
    c) Surrounded by soft things – cushions, mattresses, dogs, whatever – as I WILL FALL OVER, no matter that I am sitting down’
    d) Attended by the local fire brigade, or at the very least, have someone standing by with a domestic-grade fire extinguisher and a few buckets of sand;
    e) In a sound-proof room, or somewhere where my children cannot hear the inhuman noises coming out of poor mummy.

    I hope Gabriel’s got that underwear he owes me.

  2. I agree with you!!!

    He is so sweet in this photo…..

  3. Yes, Stella, you really did it with this one!

    It is definitely an O-M-G moment when you open the website. And he is so sweet – and gorgeous – and downright LETHAL!!

    It almost makes me wish for no new news items for a few days so I can click on my Byrneholics favorites listing and get my quick fix!! The exception to that would of course be the announcement of Season 3………

    Thanks Stella for keeping the Byrne fires BYRNE-ING!!


  4. He is dazzling, isn’t he?

    Lozzie, I am LOL about the knickers you are losing…I fell over too when I saw this lovely picture.

    I’ve posted it now in the Gallery, along with the original magazine cover from which it was taken.

    Daniela, I hope you get to see Season Two someday soon. In the meantime, you can feast on Mr. Byrne in his purple scarf. OMG. Brilliant!

    Kris: longtime no see! You are most welcome re: the Byrne fires. I’ll keep ’em Byrne-ing as long as he keeps US Byrne-ing. :-)

    For more eye candy and wallpaper goodness, remember to visit my Flickr page. I add wacky GB wonders there every other day or so. Just search stella kuru as a person in the search box and my stuff will magically appear!

    Best to you all.


  5. Stella, do you have the magazine? Is the article in it any good?

  6. Lozzie, nope, I don’t have the magazine. The interview can be seen here:


    Happy Reading!


  8. Of course, this is not the first time Gabriel has been on the cover of Venice Magazine.

    Check this one out:


  9. – and can I just say, what a tremendous interview.

  10. Hey, Lozzie–I read your mind. Check out


    It IS a great interview, isn’t it?

    June! Good to hear from you. Glad you are enjoying the goody on the homepage!

  11. Stella – what are you doing to us!!!

    Now I have to visit your flickr site every 5 minutes!!

    And Gabriel wears those almost 14 years very well, doesn’t he? He just stays a gorgeous heart throb from year to year. Yummy and Yummy……..

    I’m so happy “The Irishman Cometh” to America – a great addition to the landscape!!!

    Thanks for enabling, Stella.


  12. Hi, Kris!

    You can subscribe to my Flickr updates if you like. Just click on the RSS icon at the bottom of the Flickr page. You will need a reader like Google Reader. Anyway, once you set up the feed, any time I add something, you will be notified.

    Ain’t that cool? Let me know if you have questions.

    And you are most welcome. I am happy to enable all Byrneholics! :-)


  13. Look I’m not being funny here but I really do think Gabriel should be the new Mature Male Face of L’Oreal, a counterpart to Jane Fonda.

    Hang on. Maybe I AM being funny :-D

  14. L’Oreal’s Silver Fox.

    I’m sure Mr. Byrne would hate it, but he is such an inspiration, or should be, to everyone over 50 years of age. And he seems to be attracting the younger generation(s), too. Quite an achievement, and he owes it to his talent as well as to that bright shining face.


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