Gabriel Byrne is inspiring, as you will see.


Mix inspired by In Treatment [Sadly, this link no longer exists]

“Gabriel Byrne is the only actor who could play Paul. His magnificent acting in this stellar drama inspired this mix called “I wear this crown of thorns upon my liars chair full of broken thoughts I cannot repair.”


His Eyes Were Blue

“I saw a full page ad for the HBO series In Treatment, which was a full page image of Gabriel staring into the lens, his blue eyes looking as honest, as open, as genuine and real as eyes can look; and I had to stop and just stare…”


Chairs, Chairs, Chairs [The Seating Zone website is no longer available] :

“If you want to emulate this great character and actor, you might try the Fastrack leather club chair — stylish and comfortable enough for a TV star, priced for the rest of us.”


The Daily Kos [this article no longer exists on the Daily Kos website]

Maureen Dowd calls him “brooding.” Oh, no!


The LA Times : Regarding the 2007 Kurt Angerer Grüner Veltliner Kies (a white wine) [this article no longer exists at the LA Times website]

“And at less than $20, you can afford to have some on hand to take to a dinner party or maybe uncork one night to enjoy while watching Gabriel Byrne parse a new set of patients’ problems on HBO’s In Treatment.”


Digital Strategy

“I’m glad HBO’s In Treatment is back. It was my favorite show last year although it was painful to watch sometimes. I love stories that feel real, as opposed to, say, reality TV. I’ve never been in treatment (yet) but this show felt spot on. And Gabriel Byrne is amazing. So what does this have to do with marketing? Everything. Gabriel Byrne’s character is a perfect metaphor for good marketers. People always come to you with a perceived problem but our challenge is to dig deeper to find deeper meanings, reasons and measures of success.”


Tribe of no longer exists on the Internet.

“The boundary-challenged therapist in the HBO series, In Treatment, is now a single man…Is he ready for a dating relationship? Would you be willing to date him so soon after divorce?”

Um, the answer to that would be YES. heart

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