Meet in the is a great place to view clips from In Treatment, Season 2, get a blow-by-blow analysis of the filming techniques, great background information on the actors and stagecraft of the show, and some plot analysis.

[Note from Stella: This website is no longer available on the Internet, unfortunately.]

“Before diving in with plot summaries and reviews, it’s worth saying that Gabriel Byrne’s portrayal of Paul is as well-developed and controlled as ever, and the series’ writing is the reason In Treatment is completely habit-forming.”

I think they offer us everything we need, except the Milk Duds!


Milk Duds, Paul. That’s all I really want.


  1. Thank you for the kind compliments! I am a huge admirer of In Treatment, and really enjoy reviewing the series. We’ll continue to offer weekly previews (with a new one coming today), so please enjoy.

    And feel free to personally send me any feedback: norm(at)

  2. Hi, Norm! In Treatment needs care and feeding and you are providing it. Thanks for that!

    Now, how about those Milk Duds? ;-)

    Best. Stella

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