If you have been keeping up with your tabloids, you will know that Gabriel has made it back onto People magazine’s annual list of sexiest men alive.

Johnny Depp may have taken the top title, but in our hearts, Gabriel is the best contender!



  1. Well, D’UH!!! :-D

  2. Windhover

    When I saw GB in the #57 spot two years ago, I thought, what’s the deal with the age 59 cutoff? Face it, Harrison Ford, Sean Connery and even Paul Newman (alive at the time) are hardly chopped liver. Wake up, PEOPLE!! Maybe they should have a MINIMUM age of, say, 30, to appear in the “Sexy At Any Age” list and ship the young’uns off to TEEN PEOPLE for a little seasoning.

  3. Good idea Windhover,
    your “Sexy At Any Age” list. And to delete the chicken from less than 30 years from the list.

    To me Gabriel Byrne should be at top of every “The Sexiest Men Alive” list in the world.

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