Well, first we had “hot water” and now we’ve got “quiet heat.” Things are getting warm in here for sure!

The Envelope at the LA Times is talking Emmy Awards. They posted an article today about one of the contenders for best actor in a drama, our own Gabriel Byrne, who notes this  about In Treatment:

 ‘Silence is a powerful weapon in drama,” Byrne says. “What you don’t say and what you don’t reveal can be as powerful as what you do say. My intention is to make [the performance] as real as possible but never forgetting that it’s actually drama.’

But here’s the part that raised the hair on the back of MY neck in anticipation:

[T]he actor has a variety of paths from which to choose, having written and produced for film and television over the last two decades. He’s researching a project in his native Dublin that he will write and produce, and he relishes creating his own content. As an actor, he says, ‘what you want to express has to be filtered through the writing that you’re acting at the moment. I want to move outside of other people’s perspectives, and I want to move into my own perspective a little bit more in the next portion of my life.’

And we want to go there with him, don’t we? Yes.



  1. I don’t think I can stand it if he gets any hotter!!

    Beautiful and Delicious – need I say more…….


  2. Yes, Kris, it is getting hot in here, no question about it. :-)

  3. I am feeling a bit faint.

  4. I am now feeling A LOT faint.

  5. Well, with all these pictures and all this talk, it is 100 degrees where I am, indoors and outside!
    We need to take a chill pill, folks. Or perhaps not…:-)

  6. lauriejoan

    Yes, Stella we do want to go with him into the next phase of his life, whereever it may lead, as long as there are lots of pictures of THAT FACE and lots of audio of THAT VOICE.

  7. No I don’t need any pills, I don’t think. I started using GB as a narcotic but I find his effect is more of a stimulant. I really should try and find a way to harness all this … power. Perhaps we could solve the global economic and energy problems?

  8. Laurie: agreed! Isn’t there a song? “I’ll follow you, no matter where you go, no matter..” Nah. I think I just made that up, but you get my meaning, I’m sure!

    Lozzie: for those of us in the US, how about the healthcare crisis?! Let’s harness some energy for that. Then we will be healthy enough to take on anything! :-)

  9. OH MY GOD. Can a man be more beautiful/handsome/sexy?
    My hole life spinns around him. All of my spare time I am spending in front of the computer, waiting for news and pictures of him.
    I dream of him, both when I`m asleep and awake!!!
    Who needs pills, when we have Gabriel Byrne????

  10. Gunn, I agree with you. COMPLETELY!
    This is real…and my husband surrender to this fact.
    (please, excuse my grammar: I write with the help of dictionary. Thanks)

  11. Gunn, we are all spending too much time in front of the computer these days, but what a way to ruin one’s eyesight! You are right. We don’t need pills, chill or otherwise. I don’t know what I was saying…

  12. dan, the Byrnish language is understood by all. We understand what you are saying, don’t worry.

  13. I actually think his eyes look really sad in this pic.

  14. Does anyone know what the press conference was about? What was it promoting if the season was already over?

  15. TM, I’ve only found one article so far that references the press conference. It seemed like a post mortem of Season 2, probably related to the upcoming Emmy Awards. Those are just a few weeks away. Get that champagne on ice!

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