Alan Sepinwall at The Star/Ledger has been providing really well-thought-out and useful overviews of the second season episodes of In Treatment, just as he did with the first season.

His blog entry for Week Six is particularly valuable, though, because he shares with us the comments of show-runner Warren Leight, who explains how and why they set up the Walter Week Six episode in the way they finally did [Note: scroll to the middle of the Alan’s posting to see the entry for Walter]. So, in addition to Alan’s insightful analysis and synopsizing (ok, I made up that word, but you know what I mean), we also get the back story on why it took Walter so long to really fall apart:

The closing sequence, with Walter doubled over and bawling and wrapping his arms around Paul’s leg like a little boy clutching his daddy, was among the most affecting scenes of this incredible week. In fact, I loved it so much, I asked “In Treatment” showrunner Warren Leight (who’s been writing most of the Walter episodes of late) about its origins, since he’d alluded to it when I interviewed him before the season. Here’s what he had to say:

–The truth is, I had been hoping for Walter to breakdown in front of Paul for a few episodes: week four, right after he’d been fired, and week five, in the hospital after his suicide attempt. What was fascinating to me was Mahoney’s first take on those two episodes. His Walter stumbled, but he didn’t break down. And even stayed confrontational. So, after week four, I wrote week five, set it in the hospital, and waited for a breakdown which never came…

Great stuff!

You are smiling now, my friend. Just wait awhile…

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