Finally, here is the scoop on this big event!

Gabriel Byrne appeared on the final episode hosted by Pat Kenny of The Late Late Show  on May 29.

He talks about his delight in receiving the Golden Globe for his work on In Treatment (yay!), his involvement with The Irish Hospice Foundation, and his feelings about the recently released Ryan abuse report.

He is wonderful, as always! Pardon my gush.

gbpatkennyThe famous man hug

Niall O’Loughlin is an artist and caricaturist who attended the festivities and offers this great pic of his wife, Helena, and Gabriel.

Be sure to visit his website, Caricatures Ireland by Niall O’Loughlin.


  1. It made my wife’s day to see herself on your site!

  2. Hi, Niall! I am so glad she liked it. It is a GREAT pic–you done good, as we say in Texas, USA. :-)

    I like your work very much, by the way. You really capture the essence of your subjects.

    Best. Stella

  3. Thanks Stella, I reckon I’ll have to do one of Gabriel, especially now that I’ve met him.

  4. Oh, Niall, please DO!! That would be totally cool. Be sure to capture that droopy eyelid and the angle of the nose…Oops. I guess I’ve revealed my obsession now, haven’t I?

    Anyway, please proceed… :-)


  5. The Irish press are in a furore at the moment, full of lurid sounding stories about how Gabriel Byrne is in “hot water” over his endorsement of a local political candidate when he was on this show. Careful reading of the text below their daft, sensationalist headlines reveals that all Gabriel did was come on-stage with a campaign leaflet slightly visible in his pocket, and it was actually the show’s host, Pat Kenney, who brought the name of the candidate into the conversation.
    Hmmm. Gabriel Byrne inspires strong loyalty in me. Wonder why that is, then :-D

  6. Yep, he was showing his colors for fellow writer and poet Mannix Flynn. I love those dour photos of GB that accompany these articles in the Irish press. I say “Give ’em Heck, Mr. Byrne!” If more people actually discussed politics in public fora, we’d have a better world…

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