Good news from Lara: That documentary about Niall Tóibín from last year (which includes a Gabriel Byrne interview and rare Bracken footage) is actually available on demand from TG4 for a short time!

Information about the documentary:

Niall Tóibín – Seo Man
Details: 2008, Ireland, 52 mins, Dir: Sean O’Cualain

Throughout his long and celebrated career, Niall Tóibín has established himself as an accomplished actor, a superb raconteur, a mordant satirist, a gifted linguist and a pioneer of stand-up comedy in Ireland. He has entertained us now for the best part of half-a-century – but he has also challenged and provoked his audiences. This documentary provides unprecedented access to Niall Tóibín, granting us a unique insight into his professional and personal life. Interviewees on the documentary include Eoghan Harris, Gabriel Byrne, David Kelly, Noel Pearson and Brian Mac Lochlainn.

Most of it is in Irish (or Gaelic) with English subtitles. Gabriel speaks English only. The video also includes the commercial breaks with two different O2 ads featuring his voice.

Many thanks to Lara for her great detective work in locating this film for us! Looks like this streaming video may only be available for a few days, so head on over to TG4 and watch it soon.

And I, Stella, having just viewed it, can say: what a lovely film about an intriguing and complicated man. I think you will enjoy it and listening to the language is a real treat.



  1. Fascinating. I think, judging by his comments at the LA Irish Film Festival Q & A session, that this is the kind of film that Gabriel was half expecting “Stories From Home” to be.

  2. that was a great video. Thanks to the sleuths out there.

  3. Yes, Lozzie. I think you are right. Although I enjoyed this very much and learned a lot along the way, I did not find it as revealing, compelling, and poignant as Stories From Home.

    That is probably due to the fact that I’ve been aware of GB for much, much longer. I’ve seen almost all of his films, read his book, read interviews etc. etc. The story in Stories From Home thus hit me much harder.

    Still, this was a fine documentary and I recommend to all who might be interested.


  4. regenboog

    These two men seem of the same dark royal (Irish) breed, aren’t they? Those impressive noses, some rogue nobility of posture… Irish kings…

  5. I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
    And you et an account on Twitter?

  6. Hi, Hanolga.

    Yes, you may quote any posting you read here at Byrneholics Online. Thanks for asking!

    If you click on the blue arrow up at the top of the page, you can follow Byrneholics Online on Twitter.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Stella :-)

  7. Whoa!! We never ever knew that Gabriel did an O2 ad before. We can’t seem to find those ads anywhere

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