As most of you have already heard, Gabriel Byrne is in “hot water” over his apparently controversial appearance on a recent episode of The Late Late Show in Ireland (mentioned in more detail in a previous posting), during which he voiced his support for Mannix Flynn, a candidate for the Dublin City Council and an outspoken critic of the Ryan Report on the clergy and child abuse.

In my not-so-humble opinion, we should all be in such “hot water.”


The entire show was available at the Late Late Show website, but sadly is no longer [as of October 2017]. The subject matter was quite serious in nature. This was Pat Kenny’s last night as host of the show and it was wonderful that he chose to welcome Gabriel to his final night–and to allow him to speak about serious matters! Kudos to both gentlemen.

gbpatkenny-20090731postingGabriel Byrne and Pat Kenny


  1. Finding this clip last night completely ****** up my evening. I had to work hard on my feelings of impotence and rage. But what I really felt, above all, was an even greater degree of admiration than I had before for Gabriel Byrne.

    He’s a man who has managed to take his own dreadful experiences and find a way to use them in order to try and help other people.

    Would we could all be so fearless. ~crying~

  2. Yes, as I’ve said before, we should all be in such “hot water.” I love his fearlessness and the complete honesty of his words. How can he share such devastation with a global audience? Well, he has learned how to do this, and we all benefit. I give him all the kudos in the kudos jar. Sigh.

  3. Do you know any way of saving the interview, or of transferring it? A couple of GB fans in the United States have contacted me, unable to watch the video there as it doesn’t seem to play for them.

    But you managed to see it? And you are in the USA?

  4. I recommend RealPlayer. If you have it loaded on your computer, the RTE and other sites seem to default to it, and it makes viewing and downloading easy. I twittered someone about this over the weekend, I think. Anyway, give that a try. I managed to see it and I am in the good ol’ US of A. :-)

  5. Thank you Stella. I wonder if it was the same person on Twitter :-D

    L x

  6. Holy Toledo, intreat!! You scooped the pics from the press conference. Totally cool!

    I’ll get these into the Gallery tonight. They are spectacular. Thanks so much.

  7. Hi Bryne fans! That endorsement on the last night of the “late late show was a planned event by Gabriel and Pat Kenny. It was a final f__k you to the RTE network and a heart felt endorsment for their friend Mannix Flynn. Well done Gentlemen! They knew they coud get away with it, being the last show. Gabriel was of course charming as ever, and his willingness to share the ugly truth’s that go on in the world makes him much more than a pretty face. He is a great man of our times. God Bless him.

  8. June, you said it. I love the fact that, on the very last show, they chose to be serious and to address important issues. Kudos from the flying kudos jar to them both!

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