Finally, finally, and finally. The DVD is ours. has a tasty review [This article is no longer available on the Internet]:

Even by HBO standards, In Treatment is an innovative show. Most of the 48 episodes show a brilliant, troubled therapist (the emotional genius Gabriel Byrne) going mano a mano with some intensely messed up patients, including a couple utterly incompatible except in bed (Josh Charles and Embeth Davidtz), a sexually messed up seductress (Melissa George), and a sexually abused gymnast (Mia Wasikowska)… Cooked up by genius novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s genius son Rodrigo Garcia (a director for Big Love and The Sopranos), this show does for therapy what ER did for ERs. If you’re not hooked within two episodes, you’re either not smart or totally heartless.

We could not agree more. Go get yours. Now.


  1. the actor is true to itself. really its the expressions of the face and the presence and what their good at that make u the actor. gabriel is one of those actors. the eyes the presence.

  2. Al, you are right. It’s all about the eyes.

    Well, not really, but those blue eyes are a big part of the presence and an important aspect of the communication that he accomplishes and the truth he shows.

    Thanks for posting.

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