Mark your calendars! Season Two is on the way to us this April.

OK. Do you want me to tell you how I feel, Dr. Weston?

Pretty darned excited, that’s how!

Check out the teaser trailer again. Then watch on April 5 & 6!




  1. OMG what a great picture!

  2. Who knows when I can see it in Italy!!! SIGH…!

  3. OH those eyes, Those lips, What can I say, He is my fantasy man. I am so looking forward to april 5 & 6th. I have never had a crush on an actor before, or any famous man for that matter, until GB came across the HD screen. In Treatment is what brought him to my attention. I have now seen or bought everyone of his movies. I am now wondering if this is normal or if I need therapy!

  4. Kim, isn’t that pic grand? He looks different somehow, which I think may be a little foreshadowing about the new season and how it may be different from last year. We shall see. Oh, and there is a larger version of this pic in the Gallery now, in the In Treatment album. Enjoy!

    Dan: I don’t know when In Treatment will make it to Italy. I feel for you, though. I really do. We will hope the DVD for BOTH seasons will be available to you someday soon!

    And June, what can I say? We are all as normal as we can be, considering we are all stunned by Gabriel Byrne. You don’t need therapy. Just watch In Treatment! ;-)

  5. Karen Ann

    I just love you….I have always admired your work and find you incredibly sexy!!

    I am a gay woman but I can tell you would give anything to meet you….I have never had a crush on an actor but you are just gorgeous!


  6. Hi, Karen Ann.

    We don’t think Gabriel Byrne visits this site but, if he does, I am sure he will enjoy your posting!


  7. thanks !! very helpful post!

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