Byrneholics in the UK can now pre-order the Season 1 DVD of “In Treatment” from

It will be released February 1, 2010. Go ahead. Pre-order it. Winter will be much warmer once you have Dr. Weston at home. smile

Thanks to Lozzie for the alert.

And there is a glowing review of Gabriel Byrne and the series from The Stage, published today [Please note: this article is no longer available at The Stage website]:

But it’s Byrne who deserves every praise for his turn in “In Treatment”, for which he rightly won a Golden Globe and two Emmy nominations. He is arrogant, impotent and blinkered to his situation, but tempered with the thoughtful, intelligent professional Paul who is trained to listen, it’s a performance of immense complexity. And yet, the concept of “In Treatment,” at its heart, is so wonderfully simple. A man, sitting in a room, listening to another person. And for that, it is quite, quite brilliant.



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  1. I bought these DVD’s from HBO from USA for many weeks ago. With Region Code 1. I am happy to have IT1 in my home on DVD’s.

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