Broadcasting and Cable  talked to HBO Programming Group President Michael Lombardo [in an article that is no longer available at their website] and reports the following as of June 8:

The future of In Treatment has yet to be decided. Producers and HBO executives will meet this week to discuss the possibility of a third season. The Gabriel Byrne drama attracts a small audience, averaging about 1.6 million viewers. While the show is cheap to produce, a third season would be significantly more expensive. More writers would have to be hired to create scripts, as HBO has now exhausted all of the material from the original Israeli series. And Byrne’s rate would likely increase. The actor has talked openly about his fatigue due to the show’s arduous shooting schedule.

Lombardo declines to characterize prospects for renewal, but he stresses that In Treatment‘s passionate fan base is a factor.

You betcha! The fan base is definitely passionate, though the numbers might be slimmer than we would like.

Cross your fingers, everyone! Sounds like a decision will be forthcoming very soon.


gbclosingthebookPlease don’t close the book on In Treatment


  1. Have you ever heard of an old English song, “All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth”? Well, listen up, HBO, tomorrow is my birthday, and all I want as a birthday gift is confirmation that Mr. Byrne will be returning next year as Dr. Paul Weston. If not, I will be making calls to seek the most expensive therapist in NYC, and will forward my bills from these sessions to HBO’s Accounts Department!! Are you with me, IN TREATMENT fans?!

  2. Those of us who frequent the IT forum are sending notes with a bar of Irish Spring soap to Michael Lombardo to let him know we want a third season if Gabe is ok with it.

    Michael Lombardo
    1100 Avenue of the Americas
    New York, NY 10036

  3. Hey, Tina! Happy Birthday! I hope your belated birthday present turns out to be Season Three of In Treatment.

    Sam: I don’t visit the IT forum these days. And I’m not too keen on sending anyone bars of soap to get the message across. But, if Irish Spring floats the boat, send away!! I, however, consider this website to be message enough. :-)

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