The rumors are starting. I share this one because it is so exciting to think that it might be true.

A source has shared a chat session in which the following appeared:

Fan #1: “So I have the official word from a friend of mine at HBO’s finance dept. – THERE’S GONNA BE A SEASON 3! WHOOOOOOOOOO!”

Fan #2: “Are you joking?!”

Fan #1: “No joke.”

So there you have it. Anonymous fans chatting with one another about In Treatment Season 3.

Let’s hope they are right!!!

Now what was his address?


  1. I’ve read that on Facebook too. It’s good news that HBO has financial resources and maybe there is some money left to buy Gabe a new chair. ;) But the most important thing is a good writer and script. Fingers crossed!

  2. Good writer. Good script. Good Gabriel! Oh, my fingers are so crossed I can’t type…Here’s hoping all these rumors are proven true! :-)

    Oh, and I agree about the chair.

  3. I really hope that this could come true, that we could have In Treatment 3 and 4 and 5 and 6 and that it would never stop!

    They just sent IT2 in Norway, and I am so curious about what will happens next.

    So HBO, please let the rumour be true!

    And don’t forget we MUST HAVE MUCH GABRIEL in every episode.

  4. If they cannot afford to purchase a new, improved, ergonomic chair, then I hereby offer my services, entirely free of charge, to sports-massage some feeling back into the poor man’s bottom and legs at the end of filming every day.

    For medicinal purposes only, of course. How could you think anything else? Sheesh! :-D

  5. Lozzie, of course we do not have any ulterior motives here. :D

  6. Here is a comment from Ida:

    I do pray for this to be true. I miss Gabriel so very much. I have rerun the recorder on the last season over and over. Please HBO
    give us a much needed 3nd season

  7. I got in touch with HBO’s PR rep on Twitter today and she said that there’s no word yet regarding Season 3. She pointed out the lack of original scripts, but said that HBO is “trying to work it out.”

  8. Lily, thanks for this info. I take heart from the words “trying to work it out”! There is hope and I’m hanging onto it! :-)

  9. More sightings of Mr. Byrne in Hollywood (these are flying around on Twitter). We assume he’s there to negotiate Season 3 of In Treatment. We hope he is there to negotiate Season 3 of In Treatment. We pray…well, you know.


  10. iamyuneek

    Sorry if this comes thru twice, I posted first in the box to the left, but didnt see it show up here.

    LL posted on the In Treatment HBO threads that she saw an HBO promo with a lot of the shows combined, and new footage of In Treatment appears to be on it,combien with Larry David smashing a smoke detector which is beeping relentlessly in the background. At the very least it means there is definite hope, otherwise why would they even put that together? Lozzie came up with the goods (God bless her) here’s the website so you can see it too. It’s about half way through the sequence

  11. Thanks, Neek! The Community Box is moderated by me and I was at work all day today. You can always comment on a posting, though, which is what you did and that is great news you posted! It does indeed seem to be another good sign.

    Also, I added your info to the News Tidbits posting, since that is directly on the homepage now and people are more likely to see it. Thanks for sharing, Neek!

  12. twomoons

    Oh Ya Neek, you’re the friggin best for finding that cause I never watch TV now that IT2 is over. Thank You so much!!!!

    I’m left with the overwhelming impression that he must be in LA to negotiate, film trailers, partake in choosing the writers or doing some of the writing outlines/influencing the direction of the show. Why else would he be there for so long? Too many sightings with no companion around to be ‘visiting’. I just wish I was there with him, touring around while he’s working. Sightings all seem to be in evening, so that’s why I thnkhe must be working. All I know is I spend way too much friggin time thinking about him….HELP!



  14. Hey I like his chair!

  15. We want IT back for a season three with the distinguished Gabriel Byrne at the helm!

  16. Great show such a relief from the ordinary flat lander TV. Hope season 3 is decided upon.

  17. When will HBO announce Season 3 for IT with Gabriel Byrne and the release of Season 2 DVDs?

  18. Ann, there is a rumor going around now that GB said he did not think Season 3 was going to happen. We must continue to be patient, though, until we hear something official. The Season 2 DVD should be available soon. You can pre-order it on Amazon now, so it is probably just a matter of time…

    Keep your fingers crossed!

  19. Bring the love interest with Laura back

  20. To the writers of Season 3 – Please bring Laura back

  21. I’ve got some real rumors and possible spoilers for Season Three to share with you, but the website that provided them is down, so we have to wait a bit. So far, no word on Laura, but one new patient has been identified–in a non-verifiable way, of course! More as soon as I can get my hands on it.

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