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Michael Ausiello, of The Ausiello Files over at Entertainment Weekly, answers this question from his most recent Q&A session:

Question: I have a mad crush on Gabriel Byrne. When is “In Treatment” coming back? —Tara

Ausiello: Negotiations to bring the show back for a third season are taking place as we speak.

Tara, we are with you. Keep your fingers crossed, everyone!

gbseason3graffitiwallThanks, Skateboard Guy. We are with you, too!


  1. Please HBO, Please Gabriel.
    Please give us In Treatment 3.
    It is the best tv series ever.

  2. Divya_Saxena

    ****Same as above**** Raised to power 1000
    I hope this convinces the bosses..

  3. OMG, I’d given up hope given that they were taping about this time last year. YIPPEE

  4. What the hell is that on Gabriel’s nose??

    ~puts glasses on~

    Oh. K.

    Ausiello is normally quite reliable. He was right – sadly – when he recently alluded to the imminent departure from “Criminal Intent” of Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe. If there’s no new “In Treatment” then there’ll be naught worth bothering with ont’ telly.

  5. Yeah, that street light on the nose was kind of distracting, so I changed the picture…

    But the message remains the same. :-)

  6. Yes, we’ve been watching this little news item, Claudia. Thanks for a link to a US publication that wonders, as do we, if this means there will be a Season Three of In Treatment WITH GABRIEL BYRNE. Mr. Levi has already stated that he would like to do a different kind of season for #3 that would probably NOT include Mr. Byrne, so we must wait for some official confirmation from HBO. So, we wait. And wait. And wait.

    Patiently. :-)

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