We will be moving servers tonight and the Forum may  not be available for a few hours.

I’m not really certain of the timing of all of this, so if you see that the Forum is not operational, be patient! It will go back up within 2-4 hours or so.

Byrneholics Online has become so busy that we outgrew our current server, so we are moving to something bigger and better.

A new home, just in time for the Holidays! smile

Thanks for your patience and your continued support of Byrneholics Online!


We are in our new home now. What a great holiday present!

All is well and the downtime during the move was minimal.

Head on over to the Forums and play. We’ve got plenty of space to play in…

Happy Holidays!



  1. Stephanie

    Stella good work
    We Are With You waiting for our Gabriel!!!

  2. What a great problem to have!!

  3. Oh yes, TM. This is the kind of “problem” that all sites should have! :-P

    In our new sandbox, we have all the room we need to play in now. Yay!

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