Yan and I are working on the new design for Byrneholics Online and we need your opinion.

Below are 6 templates that we are considering. Please take a look at them and let us know which one is your favorite. These are all fake websites with fake text or instructions as place-holders for real information.

Do you like dark or light? Lots of pictures on the homepage? Funky design? Image sliders that let you maneuver through a few important pictures?

Here’s your chance to influence the future of Byrneholics Online!! Take a look and then comment on this post. Thanks!

The Templates:

Our Magazine:





Dark Atlantica:


See one you really like? Or one that you really hate? Please comment.

If we don’t hear from you, then we will surprise you in a few weeks. smile

Thanks! Yan and Stella


darkatlanticaSample template: Atlantica Dark


  1. I like the coldstone one. And, with color, something that brings out his eye – of course!

  2. Byrne Fan

    Light, lots of pictures, image sliders!!!

  3. Hi Guy’s. I REALLY like ” our magazine ” Thank’s for putting so much work ino this site.

  4. i liked the “left-handed” a lot it was kind of back to basics (like our love for gabriel byrne : ), the others bored me… but any template will be great with gabriel in..

  5. Hi Ladies:

    I really liked “Atlantica”. (NOT Dark Atlantica!)



  6. Thanks for the opinions, folks! This is great.

    Two Twitterers piped up as well.

    twomoons123 says: 1st, atlantica, 2nd, coldstone, 3rd dark atlantica.

    Lozzie says: I like “Coldstone” and “Atlantica”, though latter doesn’t fit on my screen.

    And Ali emailed me with this: My favorites are Coldstone and Amplify.

    Keep those ideas coming our way! Thanks!

    Stella :-)

  7. Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language
    https://www.byrneholics.com – cool!!!!

  8. Many thanks to everyone for your input. It is one month later and the new design is up, as you can see!

    There is still a lot of content to be posted in the new sections, but the site is operational and essentially complete.

    Enjoy! :-)


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