Thanks to Lara and Lozzie and other intrepid Byrneholics for keeping us all updated on our peripatetic Irishman!

Here is all of the Byrne-ing News to close out the year.

Studies Quarterly Review

Gabriel Byrne contributed to the Winter issue of the quarterly review, Studies, which was released December 7.

The Winter 2009 issue of this influential publication was launched in the IHF (Irish Hospice Foundation) by RTE’s Michael O Muircheartaigh.

Published quarterly by the Irish Jesuits, Studies examines Irish social, political, cultural and economic issues in the light of Christian values, and explores the Irish dimension in literature, history, philosophy and religion. In this issue of Studies, a range of contributors…consider aspects of dying, death and bereavement.

Mr. Byrne’s article is is entitled  “Planning your death while alive”.  He is a supporter of the Irish Hospice Foundation and patron of the Forum on End of Life in Ireland.

The Late Late Show (Ireland)

Gabriel Byrne appeared on The Late Late Show in Ireland once again and once again set off a bit of a controversy: apparently he noted there is no Santa Claus! His primary topic was quite serious, of course, so perhaps he decided to lighten things up a bit by ruining Christmas for children everywhere. What?!!?

[The video that was once available at the series website is no longer there, as of October 2017.]

Some Tweets about the show and the Santa Claus Incident (I usually don’t do this, but these are priceless):

“Another one of my crushes! Gabriel Byrne! Hubby NOT enjoying the line up tonight.”

“oh gabriel byrne, you should be on tv every night.” [Stella notes: AGREED!]

“Now Gabriel Byrne. THAT’s sexy. talent, charisma, a twinkle in his eye. Silver fox!”

“Haha. Gabriel Byrne may just have ruined Christmas.”

“Gabriel Byrne just said there was no santa claus….what does he mean?”

“Gabriel Byrne – shame on you! There IS a Santa Claus!”

“Omfg Gabriel Byrne doesn’t believe in Santa!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Hope there’s no children watching #latelate . Gabriel Byrne just proved the non-existence of Santa Claus!”

“Gabriel Byrne=grinch!!! :O”

I applaud Mr. Byrne’s honesty and candor. I just knew there was no Santa Claus! tongue

Golden Globes

The nominations for the 2009 Golden Globes will be announced December 15.

Screen Actors Guild award nominations will be coming out in January, 2010.

Conversations at the Áras


Joe Duffy presents a series of programmes hosted by Mary McAleese at Áras an Uachtaráin in which guests discuss a range of issues and themes relevant to Irish life today. Guests include Gabriel Byrne, Maeve Binchy, Mark Pollack and Emma Farrell. This airs on RTÉ Radio 1, Saturday 28 December to 1st  through January, 1.30pm.

This series occurs towards the end of December and we don’t know exactly on which day Mr. Byrne will appear, but we hope for more details to be available soon.

Why is this so exciting? Mary McAleese is the President of Ireland and the Áras an Uachtaráin is her official residence! Now that’s grand!

The Meaning of Life

Gay Byrne, legendary Irish radio and TV presenter, has  interviewed Gabriel Byrne for his TV series The Meaning of Life. The episode with Gabriel should air in January on RTÉ One.

And that’s the Byrne-ing News for now. There will be a posting about the Golden Globes on Tuesday because I’m a cock-eyed optimist!

latelateshowdec2009Virginia, Mr. Byrne has some news for you…

And thanks to Aragarna for these lovely pictures!


  1. thanks for all the news !
    it looks like 2010 is gonna start well :-)

    who is Virginia ?

  2. Stephanie

    Thanks girls for a lot of news !!!
    I hope so much for nomination Golden Globe !!!

  3. Excellent. Gabriel is now on Santa’s “Naughty LIst.” Of course, I have been hoping to get Gabriel Byrne on MY naughty list for ages and ages now. God, he looks exceptionally hot in those pictures. I haven’t watched it yet. Those colours on him … it’s like my own Christmas has come early this year. And birthday. All rolled into one.

    My kids don’t believe in Santa Claus, although my son is convinced that the Tooth Fairy is a real entity, who lives in Hampstead Heath. I may write “With love from Gabriel Byrne” on everyone’s presents this year, before sliding them under the tree.

  4. LOL Lozzie !
    in France we don’t have the Tooth Fairy but the Little Mouse.

  5. Re Late Late, I’d say he couldn’t have picked a better colour for his suit, shirt & tie. That Payne’s grey brings out the colour of his hair and eyes beautifully! And when he smiles oh so warmly… glaciers melt and rivers dry up :) :D

  6. Windhover

    Check out the articles in Byrneholics about the $3.5 million grant from Ireland to help fund the Irish Arts Center in NYC: Gabriel Byrne IS Santa Claus!

    Aragarna asked: Who is Virginia?

    “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus” is a famous editorial published in the New York Sun in 1897. Here is the link:

  7. Windhover

    “…Alas! how dreary would be the world if there were no Santa Claus. It would be as dreary as if there were no VIRGINIAS. There would be no childlike faith then, no poetry, no romance to make tolerable this existence…Nobody can conceive or imagine all the wonders there are unseen and unseeable in the world…”

    And Gabriel’s life’s work would have no meaning if there weren’t a Santa Claus, would it?

    Makes me think of the lines from an old union organizers song:

    “Hearts starve as well as bodies –
    give us bread, but give us roses.”

  8. It warms my heart to the core when I see a smile on his face.

  9. Thanks for freezing the pics of him smiling and laughing. I played them over a few times when I watched the show. LOL. I am constantly amazed at how we all seem to do the same things…so cool this thing called human nature!

    Thanks to Stella for putting all of these things in one place. His trip to Ireland has created a lot of news for all of us to follow, and although I’d seeen it all on Twitter, it is wonderful to have it all here, to digest once again. It’s a lot to ask, but if you can keep it up, that’s be great.

    Lozzie, I’m really sorry but I had another dream this week! I think you should go to bed thinking about him as I do, if you know what I mean!!! All of us from Twitter were at his home laughing and gaggling about home much we love him and what we do for him! It was great.


  10. lol you’re so right Twomoons ! ;-)

    and thanks a lot Windhover for the explanation :D
    it makes sense now !

  11. regenboog

    Doesn’t he seem more in shape and slimmer?
    He looks better than, say, a year ago!

  12. He definitely seems thinner. I’d have to see him with no clothes on to know about the “in shape” part!

  13. regenboog

    I love him thin or thick. For me, it’s not about the looks anymore…
    Hmm, does it make any sense?:)

  14. Thanks to Byrneholics for all the Gabriel news collected and shared here!
    It is such a joy and a wonderful thing to see and listen to Gabriel at the late late show in Ireland. Gabriel looks so happy and full of life and charme. He is like a shining sun giving warmth to everything around him.
    He is so well spoken and he looks just incredibly sexy, hot and alive!!! And he always has something interesting or humorous to say. I would love to see him in a show every night. Somebody should give him his own tv show: The Gabriel Byrne Show

  15. WOW, Nora
    What a wonderful IDEA!
    Yes, I agree with you:
    “The Gabriel Byrne show”.

  16. :-(
    no GG nomination…

  17. Aw, poo on the Golden Globes. Not one nomnomnom for In Treatment that I can see for this year.

    Mr. Byrne has his GG doorstop/bookend/weapon of choice. And IT3 is going to rock the house. Maybe even THE House. ;-)

    Must. Make. Wallpaper.


  18. How can it be possible with no GG nominations?
    Are the nomination people out of their minds?
    I feel angry. :-(

  19. I’m not certain about this at all, but I did at one time hear a rumour that the airing dates for In Treatment this year didn’t quite match up with the Golden Globes specifications. But like I said I am not certain about that.

  20. Bah! Humbug!! :D

  21. Hiya “twomoons” !!
    Even I use the same trick :D
    Go to bed after watching an episode or two of IT(preferably those with Laura ;) )

    Lozzie, u should try it some time, it works :D
    Even I dreamed twice of him. Once he was a king, and me the queen(well naturally).He was captured and I saved him.

    And in the second one I was attending a pre-award party and he won!!

  22. LOL ladies you’re so funny ! well, I see I’m not alone having “strange” dreams…

    @Lozzie : you’re right, that may be a point. when did it air ? too soon or too late ? I’m not sure of how they do for series since most of them start in september of a year and end the next.
    about films, I know that the “oscar contenders” are generally released around november/december for a better chance…

  23. Stephanie

    In that case I would so :
    Every night on television The Gabriel Byrne Show
    then the pair of dreams of Divya (always save him ).Girls are amusing !!!!!

  24. I did dream about Gabriel last night. I was sitting with him on a television sound stage, and we were playing a grand piano together with a full orchestra. But then to my horror Barry Manilow came on stage and sat next to me and started playing too. The audience went wild for him. Gabriel was quite upset at being upstaged, so I simply had to put my arm around his shoulders and say, “There there old chap. Never mind now.”


    Um, I have asked HBO over on Twitter if they can explain the lack of Golden Globe nomination this year, as they are so busy crowing about all their other shows that got nominated. Maybe they will be able to clear up the mystery for us. You could ask them too, if you’re on Twitter – just message @HBO

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