Parades and green beer not really your thing? Here are five suggestions for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home and/or computer. And while you are enjoying the day, remember to toast Gabriel Byrne as the New Cultural Ambassador for Ireland! L’Chaim! Wait. I mean Sláinte!


Folk Alley is running an Irish Music Stream in celebration of the day:

In honor of the St. Patrick’s Day season, we’ve assembled over 7 hours of on-demand music by some of our favorite Irish musicians. You’ll hear a mix of familiar and new artists, including Mary Black, Solas, Danu, John Doyle, Donal Lunny, Connie Dover, Andy Irvine, Planxty, Grada, The Chieftains (of course)… and much, much more!

Flavorpill offers us The 10 Best Songs About Being Green

…we’re determined to get some joy out of St. Pat’s. If we must celebrate all things green, we’re going to do it with music — by counting down the 10 best songs that discuss or evoke the color, with its many meanings and connotations.

Thanks to Lozzie for reminding me that music is an important aspect of any celebration and to LostLily for the Flavorpill info! If you have musical recommendations, or anything to suggest to liven up our celebrations,  please leave a comment. Note: silly t-shirts are okay but only for today. smile

Views of Ireland

Hankering for a trip to the old country? This exhibit of color photochroms, circa 1890-1900, from the Library of Congress photostream at Flickr, is just the ticket. [Unfortunately, as of 2019, this collection is no longer available online]. There are over 100 of these beautiful photographs, with accompanying descriptions and comments from Flickr photographers. Some of these are just fascinating, so head on over and enjoy these (old) Irish vistas!

Killiney and Dalkey County Dublin

New York Irish Sights

Interested in Ireland in America? Niall O’Dowd, Irish publisher, provides a list of the Top 10 Must See Irish Attractions in New York and he does not include St. Patrick’s Cathedral!

#5 on the list: O’Neill’s Irish Bar. I’ve actually had a drink here!

Emerald Isle Screen Gems on video

For armchair travelers, the CBS News website offers a list of great Irish flicks, including 3 classics from Gabriel Byrne: Miller’s Crossing, Into The West, and…

Executive Producer: Gabriel Byrne

And finally: A Wallpaper, of course. Or even two!

The new Cultural Ambassador for Ireland!

Irish…and Dangerous.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from!!


  1. Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

    Thanks for your Patrick wallpapers Stella, I put one of them at my screen at once! it’s great.

    I went to the St. Patrick’s Parade and celebration in Oslo (Norway) last Saturday. It was fun and Johnny Logan was singing songs, and the Irish Ambassador was giving a speech.

    Don’t forget to wear something green today!

  2. Stella, maybe you could put St. Patrick in the birthday list in this forum? Or what do you think?

    • I’ll ask Yan. We may have to make him a member of the Forum (!)–and then we would have at least one guy, finally… :-)

      Glad you like the wallpapers, Nora. I forgot to wear green as usual. I always rely on my green eyes…

      Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

  3. Thank you for these absolutely FANTASTIC suggestions! I should also add that people should listen to some Irish music today. First on my list is the AfroCelt Sound System, closely followed by Imelda May and David “Hopi” Hopkins.

    • Quick, Lozzie! Make a list and I’ll add it. There can be FIVE ways to celebrate! :-)

      Edit: okay. I added a folk music stream and now we have 5 ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Thanks, Lozzie, for this great suggestion.

  4. I have talked to colleagues and friends today and told them about Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day and Gabriel’s new role as Irish Cultural Ambassador in USA. In that way I try to make people I meet interested in Ireland and the Irish people… I have also sent a lot of email’s today to friends about the same things.

  5. Thank you for the lovely suggestions! I’m making notes for a NY trip and listening to Sin E Ri-Ra videos on YouTube! Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

  6. Dia Dhuit. Thanks folks for all your comments. It is good being Irish i have to admit. Especially on St Patricks Day. Had a ball as per usual.

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