12 March 2010, Tribeca Cinemas, New York
7 pm – Gabriel Byrne attends the 12th Craic Festival, which is showing the documentary Gabriel Byrne: Stories from Home, followed by an after-party. The organisers need volunteers!

Volunteers Needed for festival!! No need to BUY your tickets – just come help us out! :D  Film series at Tribeca Cinemas, March 11 – 13. We need Will Call peeps, money takers, and general chaos police. You are welcome to watch the film and attend the after-party on the night you help out. 21 + please ♥

26 March 2010, Somerville Theater, Boston
7.30 pm – With his ever charming presence, our busy Irishman once again graces the screening of Gabriel Byrne: Stories From Home, this time at the Irish Film Festival in Boston. A reception open to the public will follow at Orleans, Davis Square at 9 pm.


20 April 2010, Alice Tully Hall, Starr Theater, New York
6.30 pm – Back in New York, Gabriel Byrne is a special guest reader at the Poetry & The Creative Mind Gala at the Lincoln Center. This event, promoted by the Academy of American Poets, celebrates contemporary poetry in American culture and and kicks off National Poetry Month. Other special guests for 2010 include Meryl Streep, Jhumpa Lahiri, Matt Dillon, Alan Cumming, Rosanne Cash and Frank Bidart. Thanks to Lozzie for the alert on this!

We also received an update on At Swim-Two-Birds via Colin Farrell, in a recent interview for the IrishTimes [this article is now behind a paywall]:

You’d be terrified to say it will definitely happen,” he says. “It’s very hard for films that don’t have special effects and have a literary core. Few films have more of a literary core than this. We tried to get it made in March, but the money wasn’t there. So, we’re hoping to get it together in the summer.

Last but not least, some good news as I, Anna moves forward into pre-production status! Screen International at Berlin, February 14, 2010 has a nice blurb about the film, noting that it is the debut feature of Barnaby Southcombe, Charlotte Rampling’s son, and that Gabriel Byrne has also signed up to the project, which is the first from Southcombe and producer Felix Vossen’s London-based production company Embargo Films.

Now you might expect that getting your mom to work on your first project would be an easy thing to accomplish, but Barnaby says no. “It is a risky proposition for her. She had no idea I was planning this. I just sent her the screenplay and luckily it really spoke to her.”

Lucky for us, too!


  1. Wow, so many news about Gabriel now. He is a busy man, and I am very happy about that. It can never be enough Gabriel Byrne events in the world. Wish I lived in USA so I could attend some of the events.
    Thanks for sharing all the news!

  2. So good to see Gabriel back on the news for all the right reasons, and not because of Santa Claus or weirdo Catholic priests. And I absolutely love the graphic of the GB tracking system.

  3. Stephanie

    Many interesting projects,
    follow all.Thanks for sharing Lara.

  4. Thanks for keeping us posted. GPS idea is wonderful….Maybe he will read Walt Whitman’s To A Stranger…someone tell him please….

  5. Dear Byrning fans,
    It is my first post on your excellent website.
    I know you will certainly think i should read all the posts and that everybody is asking the same question but there a legal/illegal way to see ” pictures from home ” ?
    Anyway… Please continue your website it is a really pleasure to read !
    Best regards from Paris !

    • I have emailed you directly about this.

      Glad you like the website!

      • Hi Stella ! Unfortunately i didn’t receive your message ? i don’t know why…
        Can you please try again ?
        By the way happy (late) St Patrick’s day everybody !

      • HKG says: “…there a legal/illegal way to see ”Pictures from home ”? Anyway… Please continue your website it is a really pleasure to read!

        Dear Stella, thanks for your great work on the site! I tried to register at the forum 3 times and every time received the answer “marked as spam” though all was correct. Actually I want to receive the answer to the 3 questions and it is all. My first question as at the girl from Paris – I want to watch very much movies “Stories from home” + still “The lark in the clear air”/ The lark in the clear sky” and to read the book “Pictures In My Head”. Who can tell me, where it is possible to download or to watch on-line it all?
        Best regards from Moscow :)

        • Sorry, Anna! Don’t know what happened to your forum registration. Please do try again! I’ll email you directly about your other questions.

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