UPDATE! The View with Gabriel Byrne is now on YouTube, check it out!

Bearhugs, anyone?

All smiles – Barbara couldn’t take her eyes off Friday’s special guest.

gb_theview_redNeither can we.

Barbara Walters finally gets her wish! Gabriel Byrne will be a guest on The View on Friday, October 15.

This is presumably part of the In Treatment promotional push, but here at Byrneholics we are betting Ms. Walters skews off topic and just makes him blush! She is such a fan. As, of course, are we.

Go, Barbara!

And what would you like to talk about, Barbara?


  1. Defenetly watching it

  2. Life is good here in Byrneland…………..

    Impatiently waiting………….

    Kris (USA)

  3. Cythandra

    I’ll be watching that one for sure. Heck, I even turned HBO back on to watch Season 3. Refreshing myself via On Demand. Up to Season 2.

  4. Anxious to wait the new season, of course. But absolutly crazy to watch him soon.

  5. Great news!
    Hope this week will go fast so Friday will come soon,
    and then we all can swoon…

  6. YAY ! :D

  7. oh crap !! the View shows aren’t available online outside the US :'(

  8. Cythandra

    BTW, I guess I missed Barbara Walters saying she wanted Gabriel Byrne on the View? I’m almost positive Patrick Stewart was flirting with her the other day when he was on.

  9. Stella you will sort this i have total faith in yourself Yan and Lara. How yee do it I’ll never know. Hats off to you. Cant wait.

    • Yes I think I have found a way. We will find out over the weekend! Thanks for the vote of confidence, Karen!

      • arlene coyne

        I hope it’s calmer tomorrow than today when Whoopi and Joy walked off the stage after a comment Bill O’Rielly made about the mosque in NYC! BYW: The full page ad that’s in VOGUE is also in VANITY FAIR. Love you guys.

      • Your welcome Stella. I look at this site alot and am always amazed at the Photos, Interviews, video’s and information etc yee have about Gabriel. Nothing gets by yee. Well done your doing a brilliant job.

  10. Don’t care for the show but I might have to find this episode on YouTube. Lucky ladies!!

  11. Cythandra

    The ad they’ve been showing all morning is a shot of him smiling. That man has the most dangerous smile.

  12. Cythandra

    LOL! Barbara Walters just referred to Gabriel Byrne as her boyfriend! I love that woman.

  13. Cythandra

    Okay, here’s the scoop, there is a Season 3 Spoiler that we have not seen before. He looks like he just woke up and got out of bed and he’s wearing a ring on his left hand ring finger.

  14. Cythandra

    OH, and now I’m off to watch this in HD on a 70″ TV Screen.

  15. It was hilarious loved it

  16. Tell us some details, pleeeeease!

  17. Why I ask?
    Because we can’t see the program when we live in Europe.
    Only persons in US can see the program.

    Sad Nora

  18. I was allowed to see a clip on 2 minutes.
    He was absolutely gorgeous and charming!!!
    I am fainting….

  19. Thanks Barbara thats was great. Gosh he just gets better looking as he gets older. Great interview very relaxed. In Ireland when they interview him they tend to ask the same old questions etc. Very refreshing. Enjoyed.

  20. Thanks for sharing the You Tube link.
    It is wonderful to watch!

  21. I want a bear hug from him so badly

  22. Elisabetta

    He looks very relaxed and comfortable, non the very serious guy he lately seemed… Moreover he’s wearing a RED shirt, incredible, i thought he only liked blue, gray and black dresses! Looks younger

  23. Red’s the latest colour. At least three appearances in it now. My favourite colour, so I don’t mind. Perhaps a Robert Graham? A little plain, but the cuffs are a clue.

  24. Elisabetta

    A question: what happened to Ana George? Are they still together?

    • They’ve been over for a while now. There’s a thread on IMDb re: this as someone asked the same question. Word on the street was she was pushing for marriage. It’s a great post if you can find it (I’m kinda busy at work right now doing my nails….har!!). If I do find it, I’ll post it here. Can you even fathom having loved G.B., been with him for about two years, traveled with him, etc., etc., and having to say goodbye? Would you rather have that experience or just have him as your fantasy where it’s safe? How do you get over a man like THAT?

      Tough call.

      Now this Hannah Montana deal….no clue there. Isn’t she half his age? Kinda creeps me. Just sayin’ ladies.

      Gonna go look for the Ana George post now.

  25. I FOUND IT….here ya go:

    “Ooh, ooh, Jem, the Anna George relationship is no more. Do you remember that Gabriel was out in LA for the whole month of August 2009 and on into September for the Emmys? Well, he was cooling out in LA while all the buzz was heating up New York.

    Word on the street (unverified, but good source) was that George was giving full court press on him to marry. And can you blame her? He is just the sweetest, nicest, sexiest, smartest, easiest-on-the-eyes-for-sixty-years-old man out there. He’s very generous and considerate and sensitive. He really genuinely LIKES women as complete and whole persons. Not trying to paint a saint here, but the consensus on him is that he’s EASY to love.

    He, on the other hand, was said to be having a nice time, comfortable and contented with the status quo. Didn’t seem to be a “love thang” like the hit tune by The Whispers back in the day, but haven’t we all sorta camped out with somebody who we really liked a whole lot yet knew wasn’t “the one”?

    Maybe George fell hard for him, maybe she had a timeframe in mind to move from dating to marriage, maybe her biological clock was ticking, maybe family pressure came to bear (lots of Indian women have traditional parents), maybe all of the above, maybe none of the above, but they must have had a disconnect on something very fundamental to the both of them. Marriage is usually a very fundamental issue for most people. If she wanted it (as was whispered) and he didn’t, well it makes sense that somebody might hand an ultimatum and end the relationship.

    He doesn’t kiss and tell…he’s way too much of a gentleman, but to have loved him and lost him sounds like it would cause a woman to turn into emotional lawn mulch.

    Here’s hoping he believes he can love again, someday. Some lucky lady oughta be enjoying that gem of a man. OK, that’s all I know for now.

    So, whether he’s looking, taking a break, or has something cooking with someone new under the radar, Gabriel Byrne is still one smokin’ hot piece of fine manhood.”

  26. What? Hannah Montana? Are you nuts?

    • HA…..now that would exceed hysterical!!!

      Play on the name Hannah…you know, Hannah Beth King from the other posts.

      I wonder if HBK has any sisters?


  27. He is single? he’s all mine

    • Ohhhhhh Sophia…..you need to share! There’s one heckuva looooooooooooooooong queue for this man.

      These comments make my synapses fire to thoughts of Ellen Barkin. I’d pay money I don’t have to know what happened there (sure, it’s totally none of my biz….just being honest). And then she married that, that bald, little creep! Ewwww! She got $60 mill for her time in that deal. (Plus another $30 for her production company…something like that). Me no buy Revlon…no way.

      Ol’ Ronnie’s getting “married” for the nth time…his fifth wife maybe? She’s a shrink…maybe she can figure him out. I guess she’s preggers.

      Ron the don ain’t got nothin’ on Gariel (save for a few million). The only thing they have in common is that they’re both males.

  28. Elisabetta

    Well girls, I do like this man, but I have the impression that he is not sooooo perfect as you believe! I think HE may have left Ana George – if they really split up. (Sorry for my english,I’m italian)

  29. Cythdandra

    Trust me, I do not believe that he is perfect. None of us are. However, he is quite beautiful to look at.

  30. mellow yellow

    Hi Stella,


    This article (April 2010) says that Gabriel Byrne is still in a relationship with Anna George.

    • Mellow Yellow, that article is quite a bit vague and not very well written, you will find the information is not very accurate. The author was eager to get details about GB’s relationship status, but Gabriel apparently was reticent to talk about his private life, so it was just assumed the he was still in a relationship with Anna, but the assumption was wrong and misleading. They ended their relationship quite a long time ago.

      • Cythdandra

        Not to mention that the article is at least six months old. A lot has changed considering she was not with him at the event two weeks ago.

  31. I read this article today in the Wall Street Journal – Gabriel Byrne talks about acting and HBO’s In Treatment http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702304510704575562383531603398.html?KEYWORDS=gabriel+byrne. I’m confused. He sounds like he doesn’t like Paul too well.

    • acool, that’s a great article, very insightful. I believe what Gabriel was trying to say is not that he doesn’t like Paul Weston, but, basically, that he is NOT Paul Weston. :-) A lot of fans would like to believe Gabriel Byrne is a lot like Dr Paul Weston, but Gabriel is just trying to draw a line between fiction and reality. He often says he gets confused with the character, that people come to him to discuss problems etc, I think that’s what he’s talking about when he says he doesn’t bring Paul home. He’s not a therapist, he’s just an actor, and for him it seems to be important to be able to disconnect from the character.

  32. the character paul weston is such a sad soul. i want to reach through the tv and cuddle him. on the other hand gabriel on the view is so sexy. hope he’s not sad like his character.

  33. To me Gabriel Byrne is a very talented and gifted actor and a very intelligent and sensitive human being, so in my thoughts Gabriel Byrne is not like Paul Weston at all. But who knows?
    Only Gabriel, I guess.

    • Cythandra

      You are correct, Nora, he’s a brilliant actor and a great humanitarian. I wish more people followed his example.

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